How To Choose Makeup Colors Based on Your Eyes and Skin Tone

Makeup has become a vital part of the fashion nowadays and women have to perfect with the eye colour they put on or the colour of their lipstick. The makeup you apply has to completely go with the tone of your skin and the colour of your eyes.

If you know the colours that can perfectly go with your skin tone, makeup will just get one step easier for you. Try not to get confused with the variety of colours available in the market and select those colours that will complement the features of your face.


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    Determine the skin tone

    The first and foremost step will be to determine your skin tone. This is crucial as the whole makeup is based on this part. If you ignore this step and move on with the whole process and even do that perfectly, there is no use as the makeup will not suit the colour of your skin. There are two types of skin tones, warm and cool. A skin which has a yellow to dark brown feel to it is a warm skin tone whereas a pinkish colour of the skin represents a cool skin tone

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    Apply the base according to the skin tone

    The foundation or the base has to be applied as per the skin tone you have. A cooler skin tone would need a pink base whereas orange colour would go best with a warm skin tone. Make sure the foundation you apply is moderate as an excess of the base would not give the best of look

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    Apply eye makeup according to the colour of your eyes

    Similarly, for eye makeup it is also important to take into consideration the colour of your eyes. Most eye makeup kits nowadays have a pool of colours from which you have to select. Do not go for brighter or shiny colours for the eye makeup for events in the night. They only look good for events in the day or where there is ample light. More emphasis can be added with the use of eyeliner and mascara to make the eyes more prominent

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    Colour of the lipstick should go with eyes and hair

    The colour of the lipstick is very important and a host of things have to be taken into consideration before you chose the colour. The lipstick colour should nicely settle down with the eye makeup and the colour of your hair. For example, a red or a pink lipstick would give you a bad look if your skin colour is dark

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