How To Apply Eye Moisturizer

Eyes are among the most noticeable features on your face, and tell a thousand stories. They are one of the prime features people look to accentuate when they want to look their best, and a range of cosmetics, including mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, are available for this purpose.

With the ability to express emotions such as happiness, grief, and surprise, eyes are incredibly expressive tools, but sometimes this can be a bad thing. Whether it’s the after-effects of using too much make-up, or simply tiredness, sleeplessness, or depression that’s bogging you down, your eyes will be the first feature to display the strain.

For this reason, it becomes vital to take care of your eyes, and prevent the skin around them from developing in to eye-bags or crow’s feet by keeping them happy, hydrated, and moisturised. Whether you want to reverse the effects of ageing, prevent redness, or simply keep your eyes looking bright and fresh, investing in an eye moisturizer is vital.


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    Begin by choosing a suitable eye moisturizer of premium quality. Since the area around the eye is highly sensitive, make sure the product is hypoallergenic, in order to make sure that it does not irritate your skin, or cause the development of plugs on the pores of your skin. Ensuring that the moisturizer is unscented and made of organic ingredients is also a plus. Consult a dermatologist before selecting a product, for optimum results.

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    Apply the moisturizer. Begin by squeezing out several small drops on to your fingertips (don’t use a lot, as the skin around the eyes doesn’t cover too much surface area). Then, proceed to dab it on, in dots underneath the eyes, on the eyelids, and on the sides of the eyes, where crow’s feet tend to develop.

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    Then proceed to gently rub the moisturizer into the skin, so that it is fully absorbed. Take care not to apply too much pressure, as the skin here is fragile, and massage it in gently until it is fully absorbed and there is no greasy residue on the surface of the skin.

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    In order to further aid the effects of the moisturizer, allow your eyes to rest and relax after the application. Close your eyes and place cucumber slices on your closed eyelids to allow them a short, cool nap, or do a couple of eye exercises. A good time to use the moisturizer would be right before bed time, so you can go to sleep after the application, and allow the effects to permeate your skin.

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    Lastly, make it a regular part of your daily routine, to maximise the effects. A consistent cleansing and moisturizing routine will leave you with fresh, youthful, and healthy eyes.

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