How to Get Dirt Out of Your Eye

You have injured your eye or suffered from a trauma that has affected your eyes, you need to keep calm and press gently while closing your eyes so that they don’t get hurt during the journey to the doctor. A gentle cool compress with the help of eye lids will help you keep your eyes from featuring more damage. However, if something has flown into the eye which can happen on a windy day, like a piece of dirt or something that is small enough which can easily slide into your eye despite a natural blinking reaction which saves us from major damage on several incidents. If you are facing such a situation, you need to hold your breath and stop overreacting in the first place; allow the natural mechanism of the eyes to work and just insist the natural process with your knowledge which can act as a catalyst.


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    Get a tissue and then close your eyes gently; not putting pressure that will cause the thing to infect or injure the sensitive eye. The tear production will start automatically inside the eye when something flows into it. So, you have to just gently increase pressure so that the whole phenomenon of tear production escalates. However, never rub the eye because it can cause damage which might be very critical. Use the tissue in your hand to wipe off the tears that run down your face.

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    Try to cry at the moment as that will help to clean out your eye and wash it completely which will wipe off the dirt material or anything that has flown into the eye. Try to think of some sad events which will make you cry or something that will just automatically bring tears to your eyes.

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    Blink your eye as much as you can so that the probability of your eye lid catching the substance in your eye inflates excessively.

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    Stretch the upper and bottom eye lids in opposite direction and then try to blink. It will allow the lashes on the lower eye bid to clean the eye from any dirt or substance.

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    Wash your eyes with clean water. However, don’t put a lot of pressure behind your swing of the hand to put water in your eye. Keep it gentle and smooth.

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