How to Get Rid of Bloodshot Eyes the Old-Fashioned Way

We have all suffered from bloodshot eyes at one time or another. Staying out late and having fun with friends and family can often lead to bloodshot eyes in the morning. Lack of sleep, allergies and pollutants like dust or smoke can irritate your eyes making them bloodshot. Having bloodshot eyes can be slightly embarrassing especially if you have to go to work in the morning as it can be reflective of being tired and not fully awake. For most people bloodshot eyes are not such a serious condition as many over the counter treatments are available. However, there are old-fashioned remedies that are also very effective to reduce your bloodshot eyes.


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    Rinse Eyes with Cold Water:

    Cold water can soothe your bloodshot eyes early in the morning. By rinsing your eyes with cold water, you can reduce irritation. Also, rinsing with cold water can remove any pollutants which may still be in your eyes from the night before. Cold water is an old-fashioned way of clearing up your bloodshot eyes effectively.

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    Sleep in Late:

    If you do not have to go to work in the morning then sleep in late to get your eyes sufficient rest. By sleeping in you will effectively let your eyes heal themselves from being bloodshot. This old-fashioned method is good for tired bloodshot eyes.

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    Use a Cold Compress:

    Take a small clean piece of cloth and soak in ice cold water. Rinse out the excess water and apply this cold compress to your eyes. Keep the cold compress on your eyes for thirty seconds and then remove for a few minutes. Repeat this until you see a noticeable reduction in the redness of your eyes. This will soothe your bloodshot eyes and provide some relief from irritation. A cold compress will also reduce the itching sensation that you might be experiencing with your bloodshot eyes.

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    Sit Quietly in the Dark and Relax:

    Find a quiet dark place, close your eyes and relax for a few minutes. This old-fashioned technique can work wonders on bloodshot eyes that you might be suffering from due to stress. Closing your eyes and sitting quietly can also provide some relief from staring at computer screens all day long. Keep in the room dark will soothe your eyes and give a calming effect.

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    Reduce your Late Nights Out:

    Reducing the time you spend out late at night can significantly reduce eye strain and help prevent bloodshot eyes in the morning. Basically sleeping early can help keep your eyes relax. This method is a good way to keep your eyes healthy.

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    Drink Lots of Water:

    Drinking lots of water can help soothe tired bloodshot eyes. Most people get bloodshot eyes from consuming alcohol the night before. By increasing your fluid intake, the body becomes hydrated and can relieve the effects from excessive alcohol intake.

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