How to Apply Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner is unique beauty product that opens up your eyes dramatically, creating a hot and trendy look. Moreover, it brings out the shape of your eyes and highlights their natural beauty by making your eye color and lashes pop.

Gel Eyeliner is an ideal choice for special occasions, parties, or night outs on the town. Even though it can be overkill for daytime events but the waterproof gel eyeliner are now easily available in the market, which give you long-lasting results and do not create a messy look by spreading.

Applying a neat and clean layer of Gel Eyeliner requires a proper practice and a strong hold on the eyeliner.

Things you will need to apply Gel Eyeliner:

– Gel Eyeliner
– Mirror
– Sable eyeliner brush


  • 1

    The very first thing you have to is, sitting in a comfortable and proper position. Therefore, tilt your head in a vertical position and gently lift your eyelid or brow bone, looking down right into the mirror in front of you.

    Note: If you cannot lift your brow bone naturally, then you can use one of your fingertips for this purpose.

  • 2

    Take a sable eyeliner brush, dip it in the selected gel eyeliner and hold it firmly. Now, start applying it at the center of your upper lash line and drag / line it towards outer corner of your eye.

  • 3

    Dip the brush in the gel eyeliner again and place it in the inner corner of the same lash line. Now, gently line it all the way to the middle of your lash line from where your started the application of eyeliner.

  • 4

    Now, go closer to the mirror and check out if there are any spaces between your applied eyeliner and natural lash line. If you find any, gently fill it with more gel eyeliner.

  • 5

    This step is totally optional where you can extend the eyeliner liner at the outer corner of your lash line. It is helpful in elongating the small eyes or giving a dramatic look to your eyes. You have successfully applied a Gel Eyeliner, enjoy!

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