How to Correct a Wandering Eye Without Surgery

The focus of our vision is a result of the coordination between the brain and the eyes. If you have a lazy eye, it tends to ignore the signals from the mind and just wanders as a result. A lazy eye is often referred to as a ‘wandering eye’ and this defect is known as amblyopia in medical terms. This is a natural defect, very common in all parts of the world. Unless you get a lazy eye corrected before the age of 10, you will have to survive your whole life with one weak eye.


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    Get your eyesight checked at an early age

    As mentioned above, a lazy eye must be corrected before 10 years of age. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to get the eyesight of their children checked at a very early age, in order to prevent any long-term loss. Do not wait for the child to complain about unclear vision. A lazy eye can be corrected through a number of ways like using glasses in an early age, which can strengthen the eye.

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    Corrective eyewear

    Once wandering eye has been diagnosed, the eye specialist will prescribe corrective eyewear, which must be consistently used. Chances are high that the corrective eyewear will improve your vision and the wandering eye will be cured.

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    Eye patch

    One of the most common treatments of the wandering eye is the usage of an eye patch. You should wear an eye patch over the strong eye, thus putting additional pressure on the lazy eye. As a result, the mind will focus more on the wandering eye and will make it concentrate on the target.

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    Ointments or drops

    If the eye specialist has prescribed any ointment or drops, use them regularly as they will clean the eye, helping it work efficiently.

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    Eye muscle training

    The lazy eye needs practice and exercise to improve its vision. Therefore, you can ask your eye specialist about eye muscle training, which will help strengthen the muscles of the eye. Vision problems caused by amblyopia are often cured through eye muscle training.

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