Steps to Remove Under Eye Dark Circles Using Concealer

Women in urge to enhance their beauty or to hide the exhausted look spend huge amount of money on expensive cosmetic products, but due to lack of awareness many don’t even know the exact method to use them.

Besides beauty experts and makeup artists, women at home are also aware of the fact that the eye zone on our face requires the most attention, because if it’s properly highlighted we will accomplish in acquiring a fanatical look.

The main flaw with most of the eyes is the dark circles, which everyone know that no product or home remedy will change the fact that they are there to stay, but not to worry there are still ways to deal with these embarrassing blemishes and dark circles.


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    Before you begin with the trick of hiding your dark circles you should be ready with few cosmetic products.

    Things you will require:

    - Concealer
    - Translucent Powder
    - Eye Cream
    - Eye Liner
    - Eye Pencil
    - Mascara
    - Eye Shadow Brushes
    - Puff

    The products mentioned above varies according to the skin texture, like for oily skin water base cosmetics should be preferred, while for combination skin cream-to-powder foundations are the best choice. Women who have dry skin they should use creamy cosmetics.

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    Take a little drop of eye cream on your ring finger and evenly spread it under your eye, do not rub it. This will help in disappearing the veins underneath your eyes.
    Various companies are producing amazing eye cream products, but you have to be sure which one is the best choice for your skin tone. Here are detail about some of the top eye creams and gels:
    Brazilian Malachite’s La Mer Eye Balm:
    is a luxurious and soothing hydrate product. This non greasy item absorbs immediately and produces amazing results.
    Clinique All About Eyes:
    is another lightweight eye cream, which helps in covering the fine lines as well as the dark circles.
    Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream:
    has proved itself worldwide. This cream gives an immediate glow to your eyes and gradually minimises dark circles.

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    Now find the perfect shade of concelear which goes with your tone. To some extent the shade should be warmer or darker than your original skin tone, because lighter tones will portray an artificial or an odd look.
    Concelare with yellow tones can easily clear the purple colour. Never use a foundation instead of concealer it will not produce better results.

    Dot the concelear bellow your eyes and with a thin eye shadow brush, start spreading it starting from the inner corners of your eyes. With your ring finger gently tab the area. The warm temperature of your skin will help in blending the shade.

    While shopping for a concealer the best way to check the ideal shade is by testing it under your eye. The shade that disappears into your skin is the correct match.

    Few concealers may highlight your wrinkles and the fine lines, which are present below your eyes. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer is the best choice for concealer.

    Maybelline New York Cover Stick has become a favourite product as well due to its reliability. This creamy product is excellent in covering up the blemishes or any other flaws.

    Bare Escentuals’s mineral makeup has a powdered form of concealres which not only covers your eye circles, but it is a perfect base for your eye shadow as well.

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    When you are done concealing your skin, then with the help of a puff dab the entire area with a translucent powder.
    A translucent powder plays a major role in your makeup they not only help in holding your perfect look the whole day, but they also keep the concealer to sustain their original look.

    Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder is beautiful shimmery product which will properly enhance your features and keep the sparkly look throughout the day.

    Following these directions will evenly cover your dark circles. Now you can select perfect eye shadows and complete your makeup so that you can confidently show off your beautiful bright eyes.

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