How to Apply Eye Makeup

Eyes are perhaps the most notable feature in a human face. It is perhaps because of this reason that anyone with attractive eyes is considered as good looking. Although the shape and appearance of your eyes is something totally natural but these days there are many makeup techniques that can make your eyes appear attractive than they normally are. The makeup applied on the eyes give your face a totally different look. In some cases the eyes naturally attractive but for some reason they are not prominent on the face. Applying some good eye makeup can certainly create a big difference in your face look.


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    The very first thing before applying eye makeup is that you must thoroughly wash your face by a proper cleanser or face wash to remove any dirt in the pores of your skin.

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    After washing face, you have to apply concealer to cover up your under-eye circles or the bluish discoloration just under your inner eye. It is good to apply three dots of concealer under each eye.

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    You should start right from the inner corner of the eye where skin appears to be much darker. After that you should reach the area under the pupil followed by the outer edge.

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    Now apply the Eye Base to sustain the shadow for long. This is because if you do not prime your eye lid first, there will be an oily line created in the crease by the eyeshadow.

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    For the eyeliner, take a wet slanted brush dipped in a dark eyeshadow. Lining closely as possible to the upper eyelashes, expand from the inner to the outer corner.

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    For the bottom eyes, simply line from the middle of the eye out by marking the bottom line with your finger or preferably a Q-tip to avoid it becoming prominent.

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    After this, apply eyeshadow using a three-toned shadow working from lids to brow in such a way that they blend into each other like rainbow colours.

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    It is advised to begin with a color same as your eyelid, sweeping across the lip to the brow bone followed by a medium colour across the lid and a darker one in the crease hence blending all colours well.

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    In order to brighten or pop up your eyes use a bit of lightest eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye by dabbing a finger and pressing it into the inner corner, where the upper lid meets the bottom lid.

  • 10

    Using your finger to blend, highlight your eyebrow by taking same light eyeshadow and then pat it on your brow bone.

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    Finally, curl your lashes using an eyelash curler and then apply mascara placing the wand at the bottom of lashes, twisting back and forth.

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