How To Make Blue Eyes Look Bluer

Every face gets even better with a charming pair of eyes. Having blue eyes muster your face further as they add more appealing effect on the overall charm of the pair. You can further charm your blue eyes by applying the right eye make-up and colours.

Things Required:

– Eye shadow
– Eye liner
– Lipstick
– Mirror


  • 1

    Add depth to your eyes

    Apply eye makeup of browns, gold and copper colours. To add depth to your eyes, you need to choose and apply more than one colour on your eyelids.

  • 2

    Apply the right shade of eye shadow

    You can apply brown colour eye shadow as it will make your blue eyes stand out. Brown is in contrast with your blue coloured eyes and when they are together, it will be highlighted.

    After applying the brown shade, top it with golden finish. After this, orange undertones can further enhance beauty of your blue eyes.

    Deep purples and dark greens can also be used as contrasting colours.

  • 3

    Apply the right colour of eye liner

    Any shade of brown will do the job pretty well. A dark brown coloured eye liner will pair up your make up with your eye shadows.

    In case you have a lighter skin then apply lighter shades of brown.

    Instead of using brown, you can also apply blue coloured eye liner to add depth to your eyes. A darker blue colour harmonises blue eyes.

  • 4

    Apply bold lipstick colours

    Apply bright red or bold lipstick colours in order to enhance blue eyes prettiness. A darker shade eye liner e.g. dark black or dark brown colour will give a perfect contrast. Remember not to touch your eyelids if you wish to make your blue eyes look bluer using this method.

  • 5

    Wear contrasting clothes

    You need to try out various colours of clothing in front of your mirror or in the try room at a store. Pick out those which contrasts or matches with your eyes. Blue clothing harmonises with your blue eyes.

    You can also wear clothing which pairs with pair with your eye shadow or lipstick colour.

  • 6

    Enhance your eye lashes

    You can also make your blue eyes bluer by popping your eye out. You need to curl your lashes outwards to enhance your eye area. Wear dark brown mascara near the lashes to add volume.

  • 7

    Hair colour

    The colour of your hair plays big role in harmonising your eyes. Lighter shade of hair colours makes your blue eyes bluer. Blonde colour hairs will do this job pretty good and rinsing it with lemon will further enhance its colour.

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