How to Cure Graves Eye Disease

Eyes work as a mirror for the soul and the body. Mostly, the eye diseases occur as a result of diseases of the internal organs. Sometimes diseases of the eye may be due to the hereditary reasons. Eye diseases are treated by various methods: drops, lotions, a system of proper nutrition and exercise.

Eyes are very sensitive organ and constant eye strain while working can lead to various diseases. Modern ophthalmology has a large arsenal of treatment methods, and folk remedies complement medical treatment and contribute to the prevention of eye diseases.


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    If your eyes are watering and extracting sticky secretion or very sore, itchy and chafed, most likely you have an eye disease called Graved eyes. It is a viral infection that can infect the people around you. Cut the sheet of Kalanchoe, than wash and chop.  Squeeze juice and mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio from the resultant mixture. Fold the small piece of bandage or gauze in layers, moisten Kalanchoe solution and apply to sore eyes in the form of lotions. Do this procedure at least 3 times a day. During treatment, it is advisable to give up the eye makeup.

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    If you have a century itching, redness and slight swelling, do not try to squeeze the pus, it may help in spreading the infection through the blood vessels. For the treatment, you can hot egg to the eyes wrapped in cloth. It is advisable to wash both eyes with strong brew or some extract prescribed by specialist every day. Keep your immune system healthy, take vitamins and more fresh fruits and vegetables.

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    Impaired vision can begin at any age. Major role in the deterioration of influence hereditary factor are the past infectious diseases of the eye which you can get should you misuse your own eyes such as reading while lying down in a transport with low light or staring at the computer screen for a longer period almost every day. For the treatment of this disease, rose hips can significantly help. You have to grind rose hips, take one tablespoon of milled hips and pour them in 500 ml of boiling water. Boil the mixture for 5 minutes. This infusion will help you to restore sight and improve the immune system, which is important for your health.

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