How to Make Blue Eyes Pop

Blue eyes are wonders in themselves, like saphires shining in moonlight and the ocean as calm as ever. Your eyes are the main point of contact with others and one of the initial things somebody notices when they meet for the first time. How about making this first impression beautiful so that the effect carries on to the whole. Make the eyes more prominent by following some basic principles of make up and dressing. Get the best out of your eyes and add to your personality. Follow our step by step guide to make blue eyes pop in a way that leaves the beholder amzaed and impressed.


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    Eye shades:

    Using make-up tactfully is the best way to make your eyes pop. You can use the make-up to set your eyes in a way that makes heads turn.

    Shades apposite in color wheel: Use shades that are apposite in the color wheel to accentuate your blue color and make it stand out due to the contrast. Bronze is known as the universal shade for blue as it is next to orange, which is apposite to blue on the color wheel. Peach and pink do as good as bronze if your complexion is fair. You can also use neutrals like golden and warm browns for the same effect.

    Blue on blue: You can also go blue on blue, not because of the matching theory but because blue shades on blue eyes increase their effect and give them the pop out feel. If you are applying the blue on blue, keep the eye liner thick and go light on the rest of the face so that your eyes get all the attention they deserve.

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    Eye liner:

    The shade of your eye liner also effects how your eyes look. Choose a brown liner to make the eyes to stand out because the colors are in contrast. Alternatively go for a blue one if you want to further enhance your blue eye color. Dip the brush in to the liquid and start lining your eye lids with the tip of the brush, starting from the outside end of your eyes and moving in to the middle. If you are using strong color shades apply a thin liner, but if you are using light ones, apply a thick liner.

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    Use a blue or brown maskara to highlight your eyes further and make them look bigger. Maskara has the effect of making the eyes look thicker and heavier. Apply maskara using the wand from the base of your lashes to the tips without blinking. Let the first coat dry. For a full effect, apply a second coat.

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    Rest of the face:

    To make sure your eyes remain the center of attention, make all the efforts on them and keep the rest of the face light. Use subtle colors  like pink and peach for the cheeks. Use coral and peach for the lips and cheeks if you are using golden and brown for the eyes. However, if you are using a light shade for the eyes, use a heavy liner and a bold color on the lips like red.

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    Using a bronze or copper shimmer on blue eyes is going to set them off nicely. It has an amazing effect and does well on its own without using any eye shadow. Using a blue shimmer under the eyes gives an almost fairy tale look.

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    The outfit:

    Take care of the color contrasts while dressing up. Using shades of brown will indirectly draw attention to the blue of your eyes. Wear accessories that match with your eye color. A blue pendant or necklace is surely going to reflect on the color of your eyes.

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    There’re various eye makeup styles that you can wear on blue eyes by altering the color combinations according to your dress and accessories. Check out some ways to make green eyes pop and also popping eye makeup for brown eyes. You can apply these styles in different variations to make your blue eyes pop.

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