How To Clean Contact Lenses Without Solution

There are a many people who use contact lenses for their weak eyesight or for adding beauty to their eyes. However, contact lenses require intensive care and if you do not care for them, it is very likely that they will be damaged. You are supposed to clean contact lenses with a contact solution which is especially made to remove dust, deposits, germs and dirt from lenses. However, it also happens that you run out of solution or have forgotten it at home and want to clean your lenses. It becomes a bit difficult as you never have experienced it before.

Everyone cleans his or her contact lenses with the special solution but at times one has to look for alternative ways to tackle the problem without having solution for lenses. If you are in a similar situation or want to know how to deal with such a situation in future, you can take help and clean your contact lenses temporarily by using water. We will now tell you how you can do it without using a solution.


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    First of all, you need to wash your hands properly with soap. Make sure that there is no dust or dirt left on your hands before touching your contact lenses. After washing your hands properly, clean them.

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    Now you should take off lenses from your eyes gently and keep them in a container or you can hold them in your fingers. Alternatively, you can also put them on your palm.

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    Then pour a few drops of water into the container or on the palm of your hand where you put the lenses. Keep pouring the drops of water until the lenses get completely wet. Make sure you do not put enough water that could be spilled out of your hand.

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    After that, gently rub the lens into water with your finger and you will notice that the lens is getting clean and water absorbs the dust or dirt. Continue doing it for a few seconds until all dirt from the lens is removed.

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    Now pour in a few drops of water and again rub the lens gently which will completely wash away the dirt or dust from the lens. Now you can use these contact lenses as they are ready for use.

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