Smoky Eye Tutorial for Blue Eyes

Do you have any plans to go to a dance club this weekend? If yes, you are surely a little worried about your looks. Without any doubt, nobody can afford looking awful on the weekend events.

A very simple yet great idea is to make smoky eyes with a lovely shade of blue. With this gorgeous look, you will certainly be able to dazzle the party.

There is no need to go to a makeup pro for this. By doing a nice smoky eye, you can simply raise the smoke at any party.


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    Ladies with blue eyes make a stupid mistake by selecting the shade that actually does not compliment their eyes. The choice of an appropriate shade is indeed the most important thing.

    You are supposed not to go with black, because the real contrast to blue is brown. Using black mascara and eyeliner will actually make you look terrible.

    To add a dramatic effect, you can always eye shadow and a kohl pencil. When making smoky eyes, mascara is a must. It adds plenty of life to the eyes.

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    The second important tip is drawing the contour of the eyes. For this, a kohl pencil is the best item. There is no need to draw the entire eye, because this will eventually make your eyes look smaller - something that you cannot afford at any cost.

    In case you are using liquid eyeliner, you have to be really careful while applying. Ask someone else to do the job, if your hands are shaky.

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    Hiding the traces of sleepless nights is another extremely important move. To hide the under eye bags, you should use a concealer. Doing eyebrows also holds great important, because the better your eyebrows look, the better the final result would be.

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    Without using any brush, apply eyeshadow to the corners of your eyes. You can do this trick even with your fingers. But stay really careful, because even a slight mistake could spoil the entire makeup.

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    After finishing with the eyeshadow, it is the time to apply mascara which is probably the most important item in smoky eye makeup.

    Use a nice thick layer of mascara and try to add as much dramatic effect as possible. You smoky eye makeup is done now. Go out and rock the party.

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