How to Make Green Eyes Pop

Although the conventional dark brown color of eyes has its own charm but girls who have green eyes are considered more attractive by a lot of people. But many are unaware how to take advantage of them and look even better. There are several women in this world who have green eyes but they do not know how to make them prominent or pop. Due to a lack of this essential knowledge women with green eyes fail to leave an impression that one expects from them. However now with the help of this guide, such women can easily break down their old boundaries and discover a new side of them. All they need are some tips and tricks to make their green eyes more prominent – which are mentioned in this piece of writing.


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    Bold Eye Makeup for Green Eyes:

    Bold eye makeup best suits events like fashion shoots, prom nights etc. So in case you are at one such event, bold eye makeup will definitely pop your green eyes. You can go for any colour combination depending upon your dress and nature of event. It's suggested to avoid very dark shades if you don't have a fair complexion. Besides that, avoid bold eye makeup for green eyes if your skin tone is tan or brown.

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    Bright Eye Makeup for Green Eyes:

    Bright eye makeup will remain ideal for people who have green eyes if they are going to a day time party. As far as the outfit is concerned, women should prefer to wear clothes which have a medium tone, as they are not too dark nor too light; otherwise it will spoil their looks. Events like early drinks fall in this category of makeup, where you can wear short cocktail dresses.

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    Light Party Makeup for Green Eyes:

    Light party makeup will best suit dark green eyes since dark eye shadow will really make light green eyes pop. This look will be ideal if you are going to an event which is not too flashy. These types of events include birthday parties, small get-to-gathers etc. As far as the attire is concerned, wear classy outfits on such events; they shouldn't be too short or too revealing since the event itself isn't too flashy.

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    Dark Smokey Eye Makeup for Green Eyes:

    Dark Smokey eye makeup also looks great on green eyes. It is a perfect shade to wear for all kinds of formal occasions, including a red carpet event. However, women should apply a bright shade of lipstick and light makeup to the rest of the face to make their eyes more prominent. Try wearing clothes of brown, gray and black colors in clothes to complement the dark smokey eyes.

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    Light Smokey Eye Makeup for Green Eyes:

    Light smokey eye makeup for green eyes will remain perfect for an evening event or party, as soft makeup is the way to go on such occasions. If you like to give a dramatic effect, then apply bright lipstick with light smokey eye makeup. On the other hand, the attire of a woman should be a combo of skirt and shirt, but if the event is more fancy, then floor length gown can also be considered. In addition to this, cocktail dresses are also best for such evening events, as they look great with such makeup.

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    Glitter/Shimmer Eye Makeup for Green Eyes:

    Glittery or shimmering eye makeup for green eyes come into play when you are going to a cocktail party because in this kind of event people do not mind over-dressing to some extent. Therefore, choosing shimmering makeup along with mid length or short dress is considered a good option for a cocktail party.

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    Casual Eye Makeup for Green Eyes:

    Casual eye makeup for green eyes is best for events like bridal shower, tea party, barbecue or baby shower. The best dress options for such parties and events are either light colour outfits or the ones with bold prints. You can also consider wearing sophisticated attire with casual eye makeup of green eyes.

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