How to Make a Rejuvenating Eye Treatment

Given the constant exposure to electronic screens like laptops, televisions, and cell phones, and the intensive reading that is often part of the lifestyle of a student or a company employee, the eyes can undergo a fair amount of strain in a day. Taking a few minutes out to rest and rejuvenate your eyes can do wonders, and in addition to getting rid of puffiness, redness, or any other unattractive complaints, can also make you feel revitalised and ready for the remainder of the day.

Things Required:

– Washcloth
– Chilled cucumber


  • 1

    Begin with a large and absolutely fresh cucumber. Wash it well with water, and then place this in the refrigerator, to make sure it is thoroughly chilled by the time you are ready to use it. Keep it in the refrigerator for around an hour, in order to get the maximum amount of benefit possible from the treatment.

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    Then, when the cucumber has been chilled, and you are ready to begin, take it out of the refrigerator, and cut out two slices that are roughly equal in size, large enough to cover your eyes, and about half an inch thick. The knife you use for the slicing should be completely clean, without any other food items stuck to its blade.

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    Next, prepare the second component of the rejuvenating eye treatment. Take a clean washcloth, and wet it with clean, cold water. Then proceed to wring any excess water out of the cloth, all the while making sure that it stays damp and retains a small amount of moisture. You will be using this damp washcloth to rehydrate your eyes, and the area around them.

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    Now, splash your face with cool water, pat it dry, and apply the eye treatment – it is best if you lie down, or sit back in a reclining position when you begin. Proceed to close your eyes, place a chilled slice of cucumber over each eye, and then use the cool, damp washcloth to cover the upper part of your face.

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    Stay in this position and allow the cucumber slices and washcloth to remain on your face for around 15 minutes. During this time period, you can play some soothing music, to add to the relaxing environment. You can also listen to an audio book, or indulge in any relaxing activity that does not require you to use your eyes.

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    Finally, when 15 minutes have elapsed, remove the cucumber and washcloth, and rinse your face with cool water once more, focusing particularly on your eyes.

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