How to Insert Lenses into Frames

If you eyeglass frame has cracked or broken recently, you will be glad to know that you can fit the lenses into frames very easily at home. According to a research by the American Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields eye hospital London, one out of every 15 people suffer from weak vision. If the lenses are fine (without any scrapes, scratches or cracks) then you only need to purchase a new frame from your local optical store. Follow some simple instructions to insert the lenses into the frame by yourself.

Things Required:

– Lenses
– Plastic frames
– Microwavable container
– Warm water


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    If you dropped the glass frames on the floor, chances are that you will have to purchase a new one. You can find glass frames at affordable prices at most online optical stores. Ask your friends and relatives about any recognised online optical store. Place your order, make the payment and the item will be shipped to you. Only order frames from a reputable online store to ensure your credit card information is kept safe.

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    As soon as you receive your new frames, make sure there are no cracks or scratches on it. If you are happy with the frame, prepare to insert the lenses into it. You will also be required to make sure that the lenses you plan to reuse are not damaged in any way. Remember to take your time inspecting your new frames to ensure that they are new and are not damaged in anyway.

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    Take your time to ensure there are no cracks or chips on the lenses. Cracked lenses often break after a few days. Furthermore, it is not possible to insert de-shaped lenses into the frame and therefore it is recommended to purchase a pair of new lenses if your old lenses are damaged. Always make sure that your lenses are free from any damage like scratches or cracks to prevent any eye injury if they break.

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    Now place a water container in your microwave. Heat up the water for a couple of minutes. Depending on the power of your microwave you can heat up the water more quickly. Container has to be big enough for the frame to be fully submerged.

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    Place the frame into the water for ten minutes. This is done to soften the plastic so the lens could be inserted with ease. Find the direction and side the lens will be placed in the plastic frames. Now carefully insert the pair of lenses into the plastic frame after removing it from the hot water container. Take your time when placing the lenses into the frame to make sure that they fit properly.

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