Tips to Apply Eye Shadow Base

Eye shadow is a cosmetic, used to make wearer’s eye look more beautiful and attractive. Simply many people apply eye shades just to improve their overall appearance and look, but eye shadows are widely being used in theatres and live plays to create a certain look and make the character memorable. People should choose eye shades according to their skin tones. The correct use of eye shadows gain attention and bring out glamour. It sounds deceptively easy to apply eye shadows but somehow we all had experienced beauty disasters. So, it is important to buy good quality of eye shades and to use them correctly and perfectly to have a bold and attractive look that catches attention of many. You can create a natural look or a dramatic look just by applying right shades on your eyes. Eye shadow base makes it stay on the eyes for a longer period of time. Base intensifies the effect and colour impact of the eye shadow applied on your lid.


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    Never apply makeup without washing and cleansing your face. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser before you start. Use cold water or any regular lotion on a cotton swab to clean any residual makeup from your eyes. If you have dark circles or dry skin underneath your eyes then rub a little moisturizer on the damage areas around your eyes. Never apply moisturizer on your lid, it will make it greasy and makeup you put on will run off.

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    Apply primer on your eyelid before applying base (optional). It creates a barrier between your skin and makeup, seals away the oil of your skin from eye shadow. Primer provides protection against fading or creasing of makeup for long lasting wear.

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    Now select a form of base either cream or powdered. Choose a shade closer to your complexion. Test a variety of base colours before selecting the right one for one.

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    Use a regular makeup brush to apply powder base. For cream base, put a little amount on your finger or on a makeup sponge.

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    Gently apply base onto your eyelids with steady strokes from your lash line up to your eyebrows.

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    Gently blend the eye shadow base onto your eyelids, making sure to avoid any visible line.

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    Finally check your base application in natural light. If you think that you have applied too much base then gently rub it off with a new brush or a tissue paper.

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