How to Apply Eyeshadow

As you know, we live in a world full of beauty, fashion, and glamour. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself updated with the happening in the world of fashion and beauty. It is well said that eyes speak. Apply attractive eye shadows, look stunning, and rock the world of beauty, as we know that beautiful eye makes silence eloquent and make its way to heart of next person. Applying eye shadows is not difficult at all, what it requires is few simple tips, which are easy to apply. Do not forget that there are two basic methods to apply eye shadow in terms of the shape of eyes, winged and rounded. Select the shading shape according to the features of your face and your personality.

Things Required:

Makeup sponge
Shadow primer
Eye makeup brush
Eye shadows
Highlight eye shadow powder
Face power


  • 1

    Grab a makeup sponge, eye make brush or use your clean finger to apply an eye shadow primer all over your eyelids. Also, apply a little bit eye shadow primer below you eyelids. If you do not have an eye shadow primer, you can use a dab of liquid foundation or concealer as well. An eye shadow primer will be helpful in keeping your eye shadow in place, preventing it from melting.

  • 2

    Grab an eye makeup brush and apply any of the neutral eyeshade on your eyelids. You can use beige, peach or light brown colours.

  • 3

    Now apply base colour to your entire eyelid area. The base eye colour will make the application of eye makeup easier, making your eye shadow colours more vibrant and longer lasting.

  • 4

    Gently apply one of your favourite dark eyeshades to the crease of your eyes. Try to start from the outer upper corner of your eye and following the crease line. However, do not expand the eyeshades in upward direction. You can select the main eye shadow colour according to your eyes colour. Lightly brush the eyeshade back and forth in the crease of your eyes, focusing more colours into the corner of your eyelids.

  • 5

    Now, gently blend the line of the eyeshades across your each eyelid in order to get rid of harsh lines if any.

  • 6

    Swirl the eye makeup brush in a white or light gold highlight eye shadow powder and gently apply it the area right under your eyebrow arch.

  • 7

    Your eye makeup is almost done, step back, look into the mirror and make changes if require. If the colour on your eyes is yet not symmetrical or not well blended, then adjust them properly in order to make both eyelids match.

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