How to Stop Eyelash Loss

Loss or shedding of eyelashes can be due to various reason, including skin problem. Although you can apply some home remedies to stop shedding eye lashes, you should see your doctor, physician or a skin specialist to know underlying causes of eyelashes damage. Do not take risk of leaving the eyelashes loss untreated for a longer run, as it will damage your face so much that you may find very embarrassing even to go out and attend social gatherings, unless you cover them with the artificial ones. Their treatment nevertheless is essential and you should not delay it.


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    Take Care While Removing Makeup

    While you remove your eyes makeup, make sure you do no rub your eyelashes too hard either with cotton or hand. This can further cause damage to your eyelashes. You may even damage your skin underneath, especially if the loss of eyelashes is because of some skin problem. Removal of even a single hair can gradually add up to a loss of a significant amount of hair in a week or so.

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    Stop Using Eyelashes Tools

    Soon after you become aware of loss of your eyelashes, stop using eyelashes tools such as brushes, combs and curlers. They can quickly remove your eyelashes hair, especially if they have some diseases at their roots. Even if you are losing your hair because of a skin problem, you can further damage eyelashes with frequent use of eyelashes tools.

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    Avoid Pulling or Tugging

    Do not do pulling out or tugging of your eyelashes after you become aware of their loss. This can quickly make your eyelashes thin and in the event of ongoing loss your hair quickly vanishes off. You might lose the hair completely and find it very embarrassing while going out in social gatherings. Pulling out or tugging can also damage your skin if your eyelash hair is damaged at its roots. It can cause pigmentation or itching on the skin.

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    Avoid Exposure to Sun

    Sun light can also cause loss of eyelashes or further push the pace of the loss of the hair. So avoid exposure to sunlight, especially after you come to know that you are losing your eyelashes quickly. There is no effective remedy that can protect your eyelashes from sun, and avoiding exposing them directly to the sun is the only solution.

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    See Your Doctor

    It is not necessary that your eyelashes are being lost without any reason, there can be some causes such as skin problem. One way to know is that you feel itching or irritation in your skin and when try to scratch that place your hair comes out. Stop scratching your hair and consult a doctor for treatment of itching. If you yourself cannot detect or suspect any reason, consult your doctor even then.

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