How to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

Eyes are considered as “windows to our soul”. Eyes can convey our deepest inner emotions and can make us communicate silently. Eyes are the most important feature of our face. Most people consider large, bright and clear eyes as beautiful and attractive. Nowadays, make is a tool to make all types of eyes gorgeous, colour and shape of the eyes does not really matters. You should know how to play with them and all the necessary tricks to make them stand out. Making your eyes look bigger always make them look beautiful. Making your eyes look brighter and bigger is an art, it is not only about swiping some shadows over your lid but you have to go through a lot of steps to get beautiful looking eyes.


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    Take a good well sleep of eight hours. Getting proper sleep is the key to get fresh and beautiful looking eyes. Not getting enough sleep will make your eyes look dull, red and puffy. Lack of sleep can also give you dark circles all around the eye area which can ruin all your personality. You can also prevent puffiness of eyes by propping an extra pillow under you head, this is another good tip. Sleeping on your back or stomach rather than your sides also helps a lot.

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    Cover your dark circles by using right concealer.  Dark circles can make you look tired so firstly, you need to cover up any discolouration beneath your eyes to make you look wide awake. For getting the best results, apply a thin layer of orange or peach toned concealer on the discoloured patch under your eyes that match with your skin tone and gently pat it in by using your ring finger. The heat from your skin will help the concealer to blend perfectly so it does not cake on the delicate skin.

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    You can fake bright and wide eyes by using shimmery eye shadows at the inner corner of your eye. Applying eye shadows near the tear ducts makes your eyes look much wider and gives required brightness to an area which is often dark. You can use shades of shimmery and satin finished eye shades that catch light such as cream or ivory colour. Shimmery gold is a better choice for the people having darker skin; it will give them a more natural look.

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    White eyeliner can also help you to get brighter and bigger eyes. Line the rims of your lower lid by using a soft white kohl pencil. Beige or nude coloured liners are also a good choice for you, if you find white liner looking a bit odd with your skin.

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    Finally, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply mascara to add length and volume to your lashes.

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