How To Apply for Housing Assistance

Housing assistance in the United States is provided by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) where the department ensures that they provide funds to the local/state owned agencies and other various non-profit organizations, which in turn help certain low salaried individuals. The process will vary from state to state with the department guaranteeing substantial assistance for everyone meeting the criteria.


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    Contact the HUD office. Your call will be forwarded to the Housing assistance authority.  Set up a meeting with the concerned officer since asking everything on the phone may not be helpful. In some states, you will have online access to the application form. Download it and fill out the form before mailing it back to the HUD office.

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    Make sure that you have organized all the necessary information, which will include your personal details – name, address, social security number – and your family details – number of family members, current income, any disabilities etc.

    If a hard copy is required, make sure to fill it up carefully and correctly.

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    Having completed everything on your end, you need to asses which program you qualify for. In some instances, you may be eligible for more than one program, in which case you can research your options. Every state will have its own rules and procedures, offering varying degrees of services.

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    Some commonly known programs include: Home Investments Partnership Programme, the Self-help Homeownership Opportunity Programme and the Homeownership Zone Initiative Programme.

    All plans have their own pros and cons, and you can research them before you make a choice. In the first two programs, the funding will be provided to individuals and will be further available to state governed agencies and other non-profit organizations.

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    In short, HUD will subtract 30% of monthly income as payment or gross rent, whichever is less. Figure out these details before proceeding. HUD also provides assistance for first-time home buyers, but that is mostly related to guidance rather than monetary benefits.

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    Search the HUD website for other housing assistance schemes. There are certain links which could help out. Check whether you are eligible for rent subsidy under Section 8. Figure out the necessary details by contacting the HUD office.

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    After you have applied, check your status periodically. The waiting list is long but when your time comes, the housing authority will contact your itself.

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