How to Apply For Support For Carers In London

United Kingdom is one of those few countries in the world that actually cares for the rights of its people – irrespective of the ethnicity and race. A country with such human rights offers support for every person of the society, whether someone is old or young, employed, unemployed or retired. There is something in the box for everyone. One of such benefits is carer allowance, which is paid by the local council for the the carer expenses of people who look after severely disabled persons. A person who is aged 16 or over and who looks after a relative, neighbour or a friend who is severely disabled can apply for the carer support allowance. After the successful completion of the application, the local government will pay a nominal amount to the person as a carer support allowance. You can apply for care support in London in many ways.


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    When to claim

    You can apply for carer support allowance anytime when you take care of one of the person recently awarded with:

    - Attendance allowance
    - Disability living allowance
    - Constant attendance allowance
    - Constant attendance allowance at or above the basic full day rate as an addition to the war disablement pension.

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    Applying online

    If you live in England, Wales or Scotland, then you can apply for the carer’s support or carer allowance online. Simply visit Carer’s Allowance e-service website and follow the procedure that is described to complete the application.

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    Contact the Carer’s allowance unit by Phone or Email

    You can contact the carer’s allowance unit by phone or email to order a claim form and they will send the form to you by email or post. You can also order an alternative format of the application form.

    Address: Carer’s allowance unit, Palatine House, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 1HB, United Kingdom.
    Phone: +44 845 608 4321, +44 845 604 5312

    You can contact the carer’s allowance unit from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Thursday.

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    Contact the Benefit Enquiry Line

    You can also contact the benefit enquiry telephone line to order a form and to get the instructions on how to fill it.

    Phone: +44 800 882 200

    You can call the number given above  from 08:30 am to 06:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

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    Contact Local Office

    The local pension centre can also be approach to get the form.

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