Applying For Haiti Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

Haiti is an island nation that shares the Hispaniola island with the Dominican Republic. The country has a long history with France and is the only French speaking country in South America. That is why tourists from France should not have any issues communicating and moving around the ccountry. The country was recently struck by a massive earthquake which damaged the infrastructure and capacity of the country. However, the island is making its way back to recovery and French visitors can find functioning hotels and other historical buildings to visit. French adventurers can also experience the unique culture of the country which is not found any where else in the world because of the interesting mix of French and West African people. However, before making the leap and heading off to the country, travelers must get their paper work in order. This requires applying for visas and gaining other permits from the embassy located in Paris.

Embassy of Haiti in Paris

Location:Rue Théodule Ribot 10, 75827 Paris France
Contact:+33 147 634 778
Visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs Haiti


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    Visa Free Entry

    French citizens do not need a visa to enter Haiti and they will be issued a 90 day stay at the airport once they go through immigration.

    Other countries

    Citizens of China, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Panama have different requirments and they will need to apply for a visa at the embassy.  All other nationalitites will be offered three months stays at the airport.

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    Visa requirments

    a) Fill out the application form completely. You can download the form from here.
    b) Three color passport size photographs
    c) Letter to embassy that explains purpose of visit, length of stay, dates of stay and references in Haiti.
    d) Complete details of hotels or friends
    e) Return ticket or itnierary
    f) Letter from employer

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    Submitting application

    The application will need to be delivered in person to the embassy in Paris. You should first cal the embassy to make an appointment before heading over to their offices.

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    Processing times and Fees

    The emabassy recommends that you apply for a visa at least a month in advance. The fees should be discussed with the embassy when you apply for a visa.

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    Receiving Visa

    You will need to go back to the embassy to pick up your passport and visa. The consulate will call you to let you know when to come and receive the entry permits.

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    Document Checklist

    a) Three photographs
    b) Letter to of purpose to embassy
    c) Contact informatin of hotels or friends in Haiti
    d) Return ticket or itnierary
    e) Letter from employer

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