Seychelles Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

The mention of Seychelles can be found in France’s history books as a disputed territory between the French and British colonial powers. But the matter was resolved after the Napoleonic Wars as the United Kingdom gained control of the country. Today, Seychellers sees many French tourists who come for beach vacations and warm climate of the 115 islands with-in the country. People arriving from France will be surprised to find that French is still spoken in the country, and that they can easily speak to the locals. Tourists should not miss out on the great attractions on the island nation and should add Vallee de Mai, Aldabra Atoll and the many beaches to their agenda. The best place to inquire and apply for visas is to gain access to Seychelles many magnificent attractions is the embassy located in Paris.

Ambassade des Seychelles
Location: 51 Avenue Mozart, 75016 Paris, France
Contact: +33 1 42 30 57 47
Visit Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs website


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    Visa Free entry

    Seychelles allows all nationalities to enter the country without a visa. The traveler is issued a one month entry permit which can be extended for 2 months later on. This means that French nationals do not need to apply for a visa from the embassy.

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    Entry Requirements

    A tourist is required to satisfy the immigration personnel at the airport about their status as a genuine visitor. In order to do this, it is recommended that the following information or documents are in hand:

    a) A valid passport that will not expire for the next 6 months.
    b) Blank pages in passport.
    c) A return ticket to home country or a further destination.
    d) Accommodation or hotel confirmations
    e) Proof of sufficient funds for your stay will need to provided.

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    Submission, Processing Times and fees

    A visa is issued on entry so their is no waiting time for the process. However, the extension of visa may take some time and it is best to contact the Department of Immigration, Seychelles to get a better idea of what should be expected.

    Their is no charge for the first entry into the country. However, you will be charged SCR 1,000 for extending your visa.

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    Receiving visa

    You will immediately receive a stamped passport at the airport, so their is no need of receiving the passport and documents separately.

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    Document Checklist

    a) 6 month valid passport
    b) A return ticket
    c) Hotel confirmations
    d) Proof of sufficient funds

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