Top Places to Shop in Paris

Paris is known as the city of love, art and lights. And rightly so! Considering the population growth in the face of immigration and tourism, Parisians now have some great shopping places to take pride in, and that too, offering competitive prices. This is has resultantly turned the city into a shopaholics heaven, letting them indulge in their favorite act without feeling guilty about spending too much. Although, it has induced a sense of commercialism, but once you’re inside the gigantic malls basking in their entire grandeur, that feeling alone can make anyone forget about the outside world and the worries it offers within its womb. This article will be your online tour guide for top places to shop in Paris.


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    If you’re planning to go shopping to buy things, you may first want to make a check list of things that need to be bought. This would not only act as a catalyst to save your time, but also make sure you don’t forget things that need to be bought.

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    The Mall has items that range from gourmet products to wines, beers and cold meats. It makes for an interesting visit when you’re in a hurry to buy things from one shop.

    Galeries Lafayette is a beautifully built mall that has excellent architectural finesse in its design. Even if you’re not planning to shop, the breath taking beauty of this mall is enough to enchant you.

    Le Bon Marché is the brainchild of Gustave Eiffel, the same person who designed the Eiffel tower, which is an obvious hint of the splendor and magnificence the mall will hold.

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    Since Paris is known as the city of fashion too, you should definitely check out the designer brands that the city proudly hosts. They’re a great way not only to pass time at your leisure but who knows, one of the glamorous and glorious things available may even catch your fancy and lure you into buying them!

    Yves Saint Laurent
    is a well-known brand that deals in men and women clothing, jewelry, shoes and handbags.

    Christian Dior
    is one name almost everyone is acquainted with, because the brand has established itself now for providing quality menswear, couture and cosmetics.

    is an Italian fashion brand owned by a French company, bringing best of the two world in the shape of intricate designs and superior products.

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