Applying For Turkey Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

Turkey sits at the cross roads of Asia, Europe and the Middles East. It has had a very colorful history that can still be found in its many museums, sites and cultural centers. The modern Turkey is also a fast modernizing country that is growing in importance in the business world. All thes points have attracted many tourists and business men from France. Intrepid French travelers have a chance to explore the many ancient ruins in the country, enjoy the mediteranean coast or mingle with the locals in the historical cities. French visitors can also tour the Ottoman buildings and mosques in the country to get a feal of the past glory of the empire. In order to enter the country legally and take in all the Turkish culture, visitors should apply for the approriate permits from the Turkish embassy located in Paris. The consular services are well run and applicants will find the staff helpful and knowledable.

Delegation Turquie O C D E

Location: 739 Rue Alfred Dehodencq, 75116 Paris, France
Contact: +33 1 42 88 50 02
VisitDelegation Turquie O C D E Website


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    Visa exemptions for France

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs allows visa exemptions for French nationals who hold a valid visa. They can enter the country for 90 days or less with out acquiring a visa.

    Other nationals

    Turkey has different rules and regulations for every country and if you are not a citizen of France, then check here to find your country and the specific requiremtns.

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    Visa Requirements

    a) Completely filled out application form. You can download an application from here.
    b) A valid passport that will not expire for at least six months from the time you arrive in Turkey.
    c) Color Photographs
    d) Proof of funds that will be used during stay in coutnry.
    e) Letter of invitation from company or host. This can also be replaced with a hotel accomodation.
    f) Return tickets

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    Submitting application

    Once you have filled out the entry form, add your photograph and documents and deliver it tot he embassy in person. There are no mail in options.

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    Processing times and fees

    The embassy recommends that you deliver your application at least a month before you have to travel. The visa fee is 68 Pounds or approximately 82 Euro if you apply at the embassy. However, if you have visa free access, then you only have to pay 10 Euro at the entry location.

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    Receiving visa

    Once you have submitted your application and passport, you should be able to pick up your documents with in one month. This can only be done from the embassy by hand.

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    Document check list

    a) Passport
    c) Photographs
    d) Funds
    d) Letter of invitation

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