Christmas Prayers in Paris

Christmas is a major religious event for all the Christians residing in different parts of the world. Folks living in the capital of France, Paris also celebrates Christmas in the traditional way as the city has huge population of Christians. However, they all belong to different sects of Christianity and follow diverse code in celebrating the birth of Christ. The most prominent sect amongst them is Roman Catholic, whose believers are found in vast majority and after it comes other sects such as Coptic, Lutheran, Orthodox and Pentecostal. Each of these sects follows their own rituals and practices it in their own churches. If you are looking for a specific denomination church to attend to Christmas prayers in Paris then, guide given below may remain helpful in your search.


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    Coptic Church

    The followers of this sect possess a long history as their roots are linked with the Christians of Egypt. Their ancestors were in command of the Egypt during 4th and 6th centuries AD.

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    Orthodox Church

    This aect believe in the ancient Christian faith that was mentioned in the creeds of before time church.

    (a) Eglise Orthodoxe Roumaine

    (b) Ass Orthodoxe de la Trinite

    (c) Serbian Orthodox Church

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    Roman Catholic Church

    Roman Catholic is the biggest and dominent sect in Christianity. followers of this particular denomination can be easily found in any part of the world. This sect is guided by Pope and they are spreading the  gospel of Jesus Christ.

    (a) Basilique du Sacre-Coeur

    (b) Notre-Dame de Paris

    (c) Saint Séverin Paroisse

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    Lutheran Church

    This sect follows German reformer Martin Luther's religious studies. This denomination is a major branch of Western Christianity.

    (a) Trinity Lutheran Church

    (b) Eglise Réformée de l'Etoile

    (c) Musee De La Conciergerie

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    Pentecostal Church

    The believers of this sect has a eschatological belief as they focus more on a direct personal experience of God through the initiation in the Holy Spirit.

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