Applying for Afghanistan Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

Those, who have planned to visit Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from France for a month or more, should keep one thing in their mind that they are not going to get more than one month tourist or visit visa from the Consulate of Afghanistan in Paris due to the implementation of new procedures by Afghan authorities. People who wish to stay for more than a month in Afghanistan should not worry they can get an extension on the spot by the concerned authorities when they arrive in Afghan territory on one month visa. However, first they need to get the one month visa of  Afghan state and to meet the criteria see step by step guide below in order to get Afghanistan tourist visa from Paris.


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    Following are parts which applicants need to submit in order to gain the tourist visa of Afghanistan.

    One fully completed, dated and duly signed visa application form.

    Provide two passport style photos and affix one of them on the visa form.

    A passport with at least 6 months validity.

    Evidence of payment (postal office account).

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    Visa Application Form

    Applicants can either download the visa application form from here or contact Consulate of Afghanistan in Paris.

    Address: 32 Avenue Raphaël, 75016 Paris, France.
    +33 1 45 25 05 29
    Visit Consulat d'Afghanistan Website

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    Visa Fee

    The tourist visa of 1 month will cost an applicant 50 Euros. The visa fee may change or differ subject to policy therefore, confirm it from the Consulate of Afghanistan in Paris before entering the charges.

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    Mode of Payment

    Applicants, who are living outside the capital (Paris) of France, can submit their visa fee through postal order. As far as others are concerned they should learn about the mode of payment from the Consulate of Afghanistan in Paris.

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    Check List

    It is important that an applicant should make a check list of his or her documents in order to verify that they have fulfilled all the requirements accordingly for instance:

    a)      Verify that you have fully completed, dated and duly signed your visa application form.

    b)      Check that you are providing two passport style photos and don’t for get to attach one of them on to your visa form.

    c)       An evidence of payment is extremely necessary to obtain tourist visa of Afghanistan therefore, do not overlook it.

    d)      Taking an insurance policy before is extremely important for the visitors of Afghanistan.

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    Applicants from outside Paris can submit their visa form and supporting papers through a pre-stamped envelope (mail with A / R, Chronopost or DHL) to read their address. Others should speak to authorities in Consulate of Afghanistan in Paris.

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    Processing Time

    The processing period of an application may vary so to know the exact time period get in touch with the authorities in Consulate of Afghanistan in Paris.

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    Collect Visa

    Out of city (Paris) applicants, who have sent their applications by mail will get their visa through the same service. Others will collect it as per the advice of Consulate of Afghanistan in Paris.

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    Things Tourists are Allowed to Carry with Them

    Tourists are allowed to carry their house hold goods and personal effects to Afghanistan but only in their personal luggage.

    Apart from that medicine and toiletries can also be carried.

    Cameras are allowed to carry but since it’s an Islamic country so ask for permission before taking any ones picture.

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