Applying For Antarctica Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

If you want to visit the end of the earth, then a cruise or expedition to Antarctica might be a trip for you. The southern most continent on earth, Antarctica, has no native human population and is covered with snow and ice. However, this does not mean there is nothing to see. The huge glaciers, ice fields and snow are the most beautiful sights in the world. Colonies of penguins, seals and marine mammals can also be found. The harsh climate also give rise to a unique ecosystem that is one of a kind and can not be found any where else on the planet. Antarctica does not have an offiial government so their are no embassy or consulates in Paris. That is why their is no control on entry or exist to the continent.


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    No Visa for Entry

    Antarctica is not formally under the control of any one country. The continent also is not a country on its own. That is why it was agreed in the 1959 Antarctic Treaty to make the area neutral and not accept any more claims to the area. This basically leaves the frozen continent a visa free zone.

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    Visa Requirements

    Since the borders of Antarctica are open, no visa is required. However, it is recommended that you carry a valid passport with you and some other form of identification.

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    Getting to Antarctica

    In most cases you will only be able to make your way to Antarctica by sea. Most cruise ships and scientific vessels travel to South America first and then hop over to the continent from Argentina.

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    Tour and Cruise Ships

    There are many companies that can offer you a cruise or tour to Antarctica from Paris.

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