Applying for Israel Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

Israel is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and the country attracts millions of travellers every year. Most of these visitors come to see religious sites in the Jewish state such as the Western Wall, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Baha’i gardens in Haifa and Nazareth. Together with these religious sites, many tourists also go to other attractions in Israel which include Masada, Tel Aviv Jaffa, Sea of Galilee and The Dead Sea. Most tourists come from the United States, Russia, France, United Kingdom and Germany. France has had long standing ties to Israel and many French citizens have relatives or religious ties to the country as well. France has the facility of applying for tourist visas for Israel from Paris. Those, who are not familiar with the procedure of applying for a tourist visa for Israel can consult our step by step guide about how to get Israel tourist visa from Paris below.


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    First check out whether you require a visit visa to enter into Israel. Countries which are not exempted from the visit visa list need to provide following documents in order to acquire the tourist visa of Israel.

    - A travel document with minimum 6 months of validity beyond the time of stay in Israel.
    - A completed and duly signed visa application form of Israel.
    - Copy of applicants’ document.
    - Provide proof that applicant have sufficient finances to bear the cost of his or her trip to Israel.
    - Applicant should have round-trip airline tickets.
    - Provide two passport style photos.
    - Deposit exact visa fee.

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    Visa Application Form

    Click here to download visa application form of Israel. Or contact Embassy of Israel in Paris to get the visa application in paper form.

    Ambassade d'Israël

    Address: 3 Rue Rabelais, 75008 Paris, France.
    +33 1 40 76 55 00
    Visit Embassy of Israel Website

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    Visa Fee

    The visitor visa fee is 22 US dollars and in European currency the charges are 17 Euros. To know about other charges in detail see table of fee. Further information can be gain from Embassy of Israel in Paris (see the address above).

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    Mode of Payment

    Payment for visa application can be made by bank draft. Payments made by personal cheques are not acceptable. Find out about other means of payment visit or contact Embassy of Israel in Paris (see the address above).

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    All applications should be to Israeli missions through registered mail. Applicants, who would like to submit visa application and supporting documents by other means should get information on that from the Embassy of Israel in Paris (see the address above).

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    Processing Time

    Processing time of the visa application can be learnt from the Embassy of Israel in Paris (see the address above), at the time of submission.

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    Collect Visa

    Applicants, who have sent their documents by registered mail, would get their visa through the same postal service. As far as others are concerned they can contact the Embassy of Israel in Paris (see the address above) to find out the venue of obtaining their visas.

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    Check List

    After checking all above mentioned documents in step 1, tourists should also verify the following before departure:

    - Make sure that tourist’s passport is valid for at least six months beyond the scheduled date of return.
    - Tourists should leave a print of their travel plan together with the details of hotel in which the tourist they have made their reservation.
    - Don’t forget to check what traveller’s insurance policy covers. Whether it also covers health and baggage?
    - Reconfirm about the departure of your flight minimum 72 hours before leaving home.
    - Check, which mode of payment types are widely accepted in Israel.

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    Things allowed for tourists to take along with them

    A single tourist can carry two suitcases and they should not be over weight than 70 lbs. In case of making a stopover in Europe, traveller has a limit to carry not more than 44 lbs.

    Tourists are allowed to carry a print of their medical prescriptions.

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