Applying For Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

Trinidad and Tobago is a small country located in the Caribbean just off the coast of Venezuela. The archipelago country is actually a group of islands and Trinidad and Tobago are the largest islands in the country. Tourists from France who wish to visit the country will need to get in touch withe T&T embassy located in Switzerland. Currently the nation does not have a specific consulate setup in Paris or any other French city. That is why all prospective visitors will need to apply with the permanent mission of T&T to the European Union in Switzerland in order acquire entry permits.

Permanent Mission of Trinidad and Tobago to the EU
Location: Rue de Vermont 37, 1202 Genève, Switzerland
Contact: +41 22 918 03 80
Visit Permanent Mission of Trinidad and Tobago to the EU website


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    French citizens

    The Trinidad and Tobago government offers visa free entry for citizens of the EU for 90 days. This includes France and nationals applying from any French city will be issued entry permits on arrivals.

    Other nationals

    If you are a national of any other country then check to see what the requirements are for your specific country here.

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    Visa Requirements

    In order to apply for visa, you will need the following documents and paperwork along with your application:

    a) A passport that will be valid during the proposed time of stay in Trinidad and Tobago.
    b) Two visa application forms filled out completely. This can be obtained from either the embassy or you can quickly download it here.
    c) Two passport-size photographs
    d) Travel itinerary
    e) Residence permit if separate from country of nationality
    f) A letter from your current employer only in case of business travel

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    Submission of application

    The application must be made in person to the embassy. You will laso be required to submit the fees in either cash or with a postal order at the time of submission. However if you wish to send the application by mail you can do so using courier. You will be charged extra for the return postage.

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    Processing time and fees

    The embassy recommends that all application be made at least two weeks in advance of the date of departure. The fee for the visa application is dependant on whether you would like your passport mailed back and is only accept in Swiss Francs.

    a) For single entry -  SFr 40
    b) Additional for registered mail return within Switzerland - SFr 5
    c) Additional for registered mail return within Austria, France, Germany, Italy - SFr 10

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    Receiving Visa

    If you have included in the fee a return postage amount you will get the passport back by registered mail. However, if you have made an application in person then you can go and receive it once you are contacted by the consulate general.

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    Document checklist

    a) Valid passport
    b) Two visa application forms
    c) Two photographs
    d) Travel itinerary
    e) Fee in Swiss francs

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    Prohibited items

    T&T does not allow the entry of illegal items such as drugs, arms, ammunition and explosives. If you wish to transport animals then contact the T&T consulate before doing so.

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