Applying for Australian Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

The Australian Embassy in Paris, neither process visa applications and nor applications for Australian citizenship. So if the French nationals and people residing in France want to apply for the visa of Australia, they have do it electronically through the online visa service (online eVisa service) either from a centre processing visa application in Australia or from the Visa Section of the Australian Embassy in Madrid. However, not every national is eligible to apply via eVisa therefore, click here to find out from where they can apply for the Australian visa. As far as eVisa eligible persons are concerned they can obtain the tourist visa of Australia by following this step by step guide given below.


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    Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)

    The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) allows people to visit Australia for short period such as tourism or business trips for a stay up to 3 months. Each ETA applicant has to bear an AUD20 service fee only for an online application. This facility (ETA) is available to the nationals of 30 countries, regions and locations. To see the eligibility of ETA click here.

    See the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Online Applications from here.

    Note: In order to apply for an ETA applicant must be outside Australia.

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    The eVisitor allows nationals of European Union and a number of other European countries to travel to Australia for short period (business or tourism purposes) for a stay up to 3 months. eVisitor applications are free of charge. To see the eligibility of eVisitor eligibility click here.

    See the eVisitor Online Applications from here.

    Note: In order to apply for an eVisitor applicant must be outside Australia.

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    e676 Tourist Visa

    e676 Tourist Visa enables people to visit Australia for social or recreational activities, holidays, sightseeing or to visit their relatives, friends or for other short period non-work purpose. With this visa tourists are allowed to stay in Australia for  three, six or 12 months. In order to apply for an e676 Tourist Visa applicant must have a eligible passport. Click here to check whether your passport is eligible or not for e676 Tourist Visa from .

    See the e676 Tourist Visa online applications from here.

    Note: In order to apply for ane676 Tourist Visa applicant must be outside Australia.

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    Things Tourists are Allowed to Carry with Them

    - Regular luggage is allowed to carry but it should be within weight restriction.

    - Medical supplies within reasonable quantity are also allowed to bring along.

    - If a tourist holds a valid driving licence acceptable in Australia, he or she can also take it along.

    - Other than above mentioned things, tourists can carry their portable music player, caneras and miscelleneous items like shampoo, soap and shaving kit.

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