Applying for a Japan Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

Japan has dragged several tourists from France over the past few years not just because of its healthy business activities but also due to its attractive sites. Japan’s capital Tokyo remains the top tourist destination consistently for the past few years now. Aside from Tokyo, Japan has also lot to offer which includes Osaka and Kyoto then comes Ginza District, Roppongi District, Nagoya Port, Hiroshima Peace Memorial and much more. French residents, who are looking to explore all these hidden beauties of this country, get the tourist visa of the Japan from Paris in the first spare time in order to experience the amazing sites of the state in their holidays. To have an overview about getting Japan tourist visit visa from Paris; here is step by step guide to it.


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    a)      French nationals are exempted from short or temporary visa of Japan for a stay up to 3 months. To see the other nationals, who are free from the short term visa of Japan, click here.

    b)      Nationals, whose countries are Not Listed in the above link, should provide the following requirements in order to acquire the tourist visa of Japan.

    c)       Provide a valid passport, non-biometric passports are also accepted.

    d)      Provide one visa application form. Signatures on visa form should match applicant’s sign on the passport.

    e)      Provide a passport size photograph. It should not be older than 6 months. Affix your photo on the visa form.

    f)       Provide return ticket of the trip.

    g)      Provide bank statement of previous 3 months.

    h)      Provide evidence of income, previous 3 months’ salary slip or in case of retired person, retirement allowance benefit and if the applicant is unemployed provide the proof of last taxable amount.

    i)        Provide hotel booking.

    j)        Also mention your schedule of stay and complete details of accommodation in Japan on this form.

    k)      In case of financial sponsor (a parent) of the applicant, the supporter needs to provide his or her previous 3 months bank statement and salary slips. Along with a letter of support and a copy of financial supporter’s valid ID.

    Note: Documents submitted should not be older than 3 months.

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    Visa Application Form

    Visa application form of Japan can be downloaded from here. Or contact Embassy of Japan in Paris.

    Ambassade du Japon

    Address: 7 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris, France.
    Contact: +33 1 48 88 62 00
    Visit Embassy of Japan Website

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    Visa Fee

    Nationals, who are exempted from the temporary or short term visa of Japan, also do not need to deposit any visa fee for a stay up to 30 days. Other nationalities, which are not exempted from the visa of Japan, have to pay visa fee of 25 Euros for single entry and in case of double entry charges will stand as 50 Euros. For further information regarding visa fee of Japan click here.

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    Mode of Payment

    The mode of payment to make the visa fee of Japan is only by cash or cheque, upon withdrawal of the visa

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    The physical presence of the applicant is mandatory at the time of visa form and documents submission. To submit the application and other supporting papers applicants can walk into the embassy of Japan in Paris between 9:30 to 12:30. Applicants, who live outside Paris, can send their documents with form through mail. Envelop addressed to Chronopost denominated along with a cheque as a payment of visa fee. However, embassy of Japan is not responsible for the loss of a passport, if sent by post. For more information contact Japanese embassy.

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    Processing Time

    The processing time period of a regular case is 3 to 5 working days, but non-regular cases may require several weeks time.

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    Collect Visa

    Applicants should collect their visas only on the date mentioned on the ticket issued to them at the time of filling of application. The collection time of visas is between 2:30 pm ET 17h. Third person can collect the visa of the applicant if he or she has the original ticket issued to the visa aspirant at the time of filing the visa request.

    Return of the passport can also be made through the mail, if the applicant lives outside Paris and is unable to travel due to any reason, can receive his or her passport by the same pre-paid mailing service through which they had send their documents to the embassy of Japan.

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    Check List

    a) It is important that applicants should not get relax after receiving the visa. They should make a check list to ensure that their things are in order.
    b) Double check the validity period of your passport.
    c) Check that you have bought an insurance plan before flying to your intended destination.
    d) Your insurance should cover the health and luggage.
    e) If you are on any medication and don’t for get to bring your medicine along.
    f) A good reputed guide book will be of great help if you are not familiar with Japan or visiting the country for the very first time. So also put it on your check list.
    g) Also conform what types of denominations are accepted usually in Japan.

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    Things Tourists are Allowed to Carry with Them

    You are allowed to carry your normal baggage which should not be overweight.

    Miscellaneous items like, cameras, ipod, mp3 player, sun glasses and etc are also allowed to carry.

    You can also bring along your toiletries like shampoo, perfume or body spray, shower gel and shaving kit.

    Medicines in a reasonable quantity are also allowed to carry.

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