Top 5 Afghan Restaurants in Paris

Afghanistan’s cuisine reflects the country’s geographic and ethnic variety and with the increasing globalization, it has gained popularity around the world because of its distinctive taste.

Paris too is home to nearly every different food stall and shop from around the world, and Afghani food is not new to the streets of the city of light. If you have had subcontinental food and liked it, there is a high chance you’ll love Afghani food because it has subtle differences in taste and smell and can be quite a new experience.

Foods like Ashok, Bichak, Mantu, Bonjan Salad and Kabli Pulao are in great demand because of the unique flavours they bring. Due to the diversity of Afghan Cuisine, it is enjoyed throughout the world, including Paris.

Whether you are an Afghan residing in Paris, a local Parisian or a traveler, if you are up for trying exotic new flavors today, head on to one of the top 5 Afghan restaurants in Paris that we have listed here.


  • 1

    L' Afghani

    L' Afghani transforms the variety that Afghanistan symbolizes into an array of local dishes that you will surely like. If you want authentic Afghan food you'll find it here. They have also received positive reviews from customers and you can view their Google+ page here.

    afghani restaurants in paris
  • 2


    This Afghan restaurant offers isolation from the busy streets of Paris in its quiet, comforting nest, offering authentic Afghani food. You can visit the restaurant with your friends and family to try out something different.

    You can visit their Google+ profile here.

    afghan restaurants in paris
  • 3

    L' Afghanistan

    Located near a cross road, catering to people coming from three different directions, L' Afghanistan has ample space and great reviews from customers. You can check out their Google+ profile here for more information.

    L'Afghanistan Restaurant in Paris
  • 4


    Another popular Afghani restaurant where you should have reservations because space is limited. There is a huge variety of Afghani dishes on offer, whether you want vegetables or meat. The restaurant is located at Rue paul albert, 75018 Paris and for reservation you can call 142510872.

    Afghani Restaurant Paris
  • 5


    Named after the Afghan game, the restaurant is a popular choice for Afghan cuisine, offering visitors a traditional experience, with several dishes using beef, chicken, vegetables and mutton.

    The restaurant is located at 7 Rue des Dames 17e Paris and you can visit their Google+ page here.

    Buzkashi Afghan Restaurant Paris

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