New Year: Things to Do in Paris

Paris is the best  place to celebrate big events like New Year’s. People from all over the world make special trips to Paris to make their New Year’s celebrations unforgettable. The whole city is decorated with elegant light and special arrangements are made to provide, the people of Paris and people in Paris, a unique experience. There are so many things to do in Paris on the New Year’s Day, that one can’t even list those completely as you get sticky with the available thrill and forget about many things which might be more fun and entertainment. This article will tell you about the best possible ways to have fun and entertainment along with other excitement’s  of a New Year Day in Paris.


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    Take a trip to Montmartre, one of the best things to do on the New Year’s Day is to take a trip to Montmarte which is a famous hill station in Paris. You can have a bird’s eye view of the city from Montmartre. People gather at the hill station from all over the country to celebrate the day.

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    Spend the day at Champs Elysees, Champs Elysees is the most famous street of Paris where people from all over the world come to celebrate New year’s. You can spend the first day of the New year on Champs Elysees and enjoy the beauty of the place and visit luxury shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas and hotels with family and friends.

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    Enjoy a meal at Le Restaurant du Palais Royal, Le Restaurant du Palais Royal is the most famous and oldest restaurants in Paris which is known for it royal service. The royal gardens of the restaurants give you a pleasant feeling. If you want to take your family or friends out for a meal on the New Year’s Day, Le Restaurant du Palais Royal is the best place for you.

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    Eat & Play at Nouveau Casino, if you are looking for a place to play, eat and enjoy on the New Year’s day, Nouveau Casino is the place to go. Nouveau Casio is the most popular hangout for the people of Paris and you can plan a whole day at the casino.

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    Visit Sacre Coeur of Montmartre, is a roman catholic church and is an inspiration for those people who have seen the beauty of the place. People from Paris and different parts of country specially gather around Sacre Coeur of Montmartre to welcome the New Year.

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    Experience the taste of Brasseries Flo, if you are living in Paris and have not experienced the taste of Brasseries Flo yet or want to take your family to an excellent eating place, the best thing to do on the New year’s Day is go to Brasseries Flo. Brasseries Flo is a famous French cuisine which provides you the best traditional French recipes in the city.

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    Spend the day at La Nouvelle Eve, if you are planning to go crazy on the New year’s Day and want to get down on the dance floor, La Nouvelle Eve is the station for you.

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    Visit The Hemingway Bar, the Hemingway Bar is ranked as one of the best Bars in the world. On the New Year’s Day, make a visit to Hemingway Bar where you will a lot of people gathered to welcome the beginning of a new year.

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    Watch a movie with family, if you are tired of New Year’s Eve celebrations and want to spend some time with your family on the Day, take your loved ones to a movie theater and enjoy your favorite film.

    Some of the popular cinemas in Paris are listed below.

    Grand Rex
    MK2 Bibliothèque
    Le Brady

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    Party at home, if you are not in a mood to go out on the New Year ’s Day. You always have the option of partying at home. Gather your family and friend members and organize a party at home.

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