Applying for Nepal Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

Nepal is a land of incredible beauty and splendor. Nestled at the foot of the Himalayan mountains, the valleys, hills and mountains of this region are guaranteed to leave tourists from France spellbound. The countries rich history and Buddhist culture are colorful and memorable for French visitors. The country is good place to vacation also because it is quite affordable and the friendly locals make it easy to move around the country without too much trouble. For French adventurers, the tremendous mountain ranges offer a chance to test their mountaineering and survival skills. In order to get a chance to visit some of the highest points on earth, French nationals will need to visit the Nepalese Embassy in Paris.

Ambassade Royale du Népal Chancellerie
Location: 45 Bis Rue Acacias, 75017 Paris, France
Contact: +33 1 46 22 48 67
Visit Ambassade Royale du Népal Chancellerie website


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    French citizens

    Nationals of France can be issued visa on arrival from specific entry points. This rule applies to most other countries also.

    Other nationals

    Citizens of the following countries must apply for a visa beforehand:

    Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan

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    Visa requirements

    A visa for 150 days can be issued by the Nepalese embassy in Paris. In order to get this entry permit, you will require the following documents:

    a) A completed application form is the first document needed. You can grab a form by clicking here or visiting the Embassy in Paris.

    b)  A valid passport is also required. This document needs to have at least six months of time before it expires.

    c)  1 color photograph is required. Make sure that it is a passport size image.

    d) A bank statement that will be used as proof of your ability to pay for your stay in Nepal.

    e) Return ticket

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    Submitting application

    You can send in the forms by mail or in person. If you choose to send the application in by mail, make sure that you provide envelopes that are strong and will not tear. You should also include return envelopes that are already paid for so that the embassy can return your passports with visa.

    If you plan on going to the embassy to deliver the paperwork, then please make sure that you only go during 10 AM to 1 PM on Monday to Friday.

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    Processing and costs

    The visa will only take 1 day to process. If you have applied in person, you can go pick it up at the embassy after that time. If you sent in a mail application, then you will have to wait to receive it by post.

    The fees for applications are as follows:
    Multiple Entry visa for 15 days - Euro 25.00
    Multiple Entry visa for 30 days - Euro 40.00
    Multiple Entry visa for 90 dyas - Euro 100.00

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    Receiving visa

    You will either get your passport and visa in the mail, or can pick it up from the embassy based on how you applied.

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    Document Checklist

    a)  Passport
    b)  1 photograph
    c) Bank statement
    d) Return ticket

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