Buying Valentine’s Day Special Bouquets in Paris

No matter how many new ideas related to Valentine’s gifts and surprises are introduced, somethings never get old and have been in tradition since long – such as a bouquet of flowers. Without this unmatchable token of love, a romantic and heart touching celebration is never completed. Flowers have the tendency to express unsaid words which you might feel reluctant to advertise. Paris is the city of love, light and fragrance; how can you celebrate this occasion in Paris until a beautiful bouquet of flower is not endowed to your loved one? Well if you intend to present this lovely gift filled with fragrance, but inauspiciously you are not familiar with any flower shops in Paris, then do not get alarmed, because the guide given below will help you find your way.


  • 1

    Versade fleurs is in the flower business since a very long time, but it didn't take them much to acquire fame, and fortify themselves as one of the most reliable flower service providers.

  • 2

    L'Artisan Fleuriste - the name says it all. They surely know how to make your gifts artistically beautiful and different.

  • 3

    Aquarelle not only offer their services for wedding days and birthdays, but they introduce special offers on occasions like Valentine’s Day. From simple and decent styles to modern bouquets, every kind of collection is available.

  • 4

    Elyfleurs' service is not limited to Paris. In fact they have been delivering their beautiful collections to other countries as well.

  • 5

    AMARYLLIS FLEURS interflora is in this business since the past 15 years. Their professional team makes sure that your present is not just a bouquet but a representation of your love and care.

  • 6

    Truffaut's offer of selling beautiful and modern style bouquets at a very reasonable price has long attracted a host of loyal customers.

  • 7

    Au Nom de la Rose's professionals are intelligent and skillful enough to make use of seasonal flowers.

  • 8

    Moulié is known for having a wide selection of flowers. No matter what the occasion is they have the experience to make it perfect.

  • 9

    Hervé Chatelain is reliable enough to deliver an outstanding bouquet, made from fresh and colorful flowers.  Out of season species of flowers are also obtainable at their store.

  • 10

    Flower Shop allows you to pick flowers of your choice, which will give you a chance to make exactly the bouquet you want.

  • 11

    Boule de Neige Fleuriste is known for having some classic and jaw dropping flower arrangements besides simple and beautiful bouquets. It is up to you to select an arrangement you want.

  • 12

    L'Arrosoir is another eminent flower shop and delivery service provider of Paris. You can visit at their shop and decide on a lovely bouquet of your choice, in order to surprise your Valentine.

  • 13

    Zinc de Fleurs offers flowers right from their garden, which are freshly plucked and are made part of your surprise gift. On Valentine’s Day nothing can be compared with this lovely gift.

  • 14

    Bois Violette is famous for selling colorful yet fresh flowers on various occasions like valentines, weddings and birthdays.

  • 15

    Yannick Vincent Orchideiste's exclusive service is one among the several reasons which makes them distinctive and admirable.

  • 16

    Amapola's collections of flower are not only beautiful enough to catch your eyes, but the accessories used in the arrangements are yet another reason why their service is admired more than any other flower service.

  • 17

    Bleuet Coquelicot takes the responsibility to make your loved ones' day special, which is why on valentine day they introduce special offers on their flower arrangements.

  • 18

    Fleurs Fruits Feuillages offerflower bouquets and their arrangements are available at very reasonable prices. The selection of flowers and accessories used in the arrangement are worth seeing.

  • 19

    La Java Bleue has the passionate designer Dominique Colombi, who is responsible for granting outstanding and eye catching arrangements.

  • 20

    Lachaume have acquired a huge amount of fame when their breathtaking bouquets of flowers and eye catching arrangements were made public. On various occasions like weddings, birthdays and Valentine’s Day their collection takes no time in gathering admirers.

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