Marketing a New Beauty Spa Based in Paris

Marketing is a tool that has worked wonders for many businesses across the globe because it has helped business owners not only boost their sales but also assisted them in surviving against competitors. Marketing should not be thought of as a remedy for struggling or old trades in the city of Paris. In fact a new businesses actually requires for marketing to help create a brand and awareness amongst its clients. So even if you are planning to open a new spa in Paris, you will definitely require the marketing tool because prevailing recession has made customers very choosy. Hence spa owners can only drag their clients through the door with the help of a solid marketing strategy. If you want to market your spa business in Paris, our step by step guide for marketing a new beauty spa in Paris will definitely help you about it.


  • 1

    Analyse Market

    Analyse the market first. This will help you determine your target audience which could be businessmen or working people or folks coming from areas with high population density or college/university students etc.

  • 2

    Lay Down Marketing Plan

    After concluding the analysis, prepare a marketing plan that should be based on your target audience. Design your marketing strategy in a way that it’ll drag help you the target audience. For instance:

    (a) If you are planning to drag businessmen or women then you should have facilities like cable TV, wifi, ample parking space, newspapers etc.

    (b) In case of attracting low income groups or college/university students, you should offer discount packages.

    (c) Also keep in mind that the standard of services and treatment that you will give to your customers is also way of marketing. As good services and treatment to guests will help you retain and grow customers.

  • 3

    Keep a Track of Competitors

    Once the marketing plan is done then, formulate a strategy that will help in keeping a track of your competitors' offers. In this way you’ll be able offer a better deal to your customers in comparison to the competitors and generate more business.

    Guerlain Spa, I-Spa and Le Cercle are few top examples in spa industry of Paris, which had tailored and followed successful marketing plans. With the help of their successful marketing plans, these spas were not only able to deliver their best, but also increased their profit more than before.

  • 4

    Prepare Marketing Material

    After that, prepare marketing material which will be distributed among your target audience or market. This material will comprise of flyers and banners. Below are few banner and flyer printers in Paris. You can add them to your list of printers or consult from other non-competitive spas which printer they recommend.

    (a) Graphic Center

    (b) Comoprint

    (c) Monacom

  • 5

    Distribution of Marketing Material

    After receiving your flyers and banners, determine where you can find your target audience.

    (a) In order to target students, go to Rue des Ecoles, as there are several colleges located on or near it.

    (b) To target businessmen or women or employee of different companies visit Rue Saint Honore or de l'Opéra, as these two routes will lead you to numerous business centres in the city of Paris.

    (c) To target the mix audience try places that are always crowded, such as different markets and shopping malls. Rue du Lovoure and Rue de Rivoli are two major routes in Paris that touches or are close to a number of shopping malls in Paris.

    (d) As far as banners are concerned, hang them in your nearby markets, community centres, different parks and other crowded places.

  • 6

    Marketing Through Social Networking Websites

    In today’s modern world people are not doing marketing through traditional ways i.e. banners, flyers etc. Now a day, social networking websites are playing a huge role in promotion of different businesses. Therefore, use top rated social networking websites to promote your spa business in Paris.

    (a) Visit Myspace Website

    (b) Visit Twitter Website

    (c) Visit Facebook Website

  • 7

    Marketing Agencies

    Or if you are not comfortable or satisfied with your own marketing then, get in touch a marketing agency, which will handle this for you and in exchange they will charge you fee.

    (a) Takecare

    (b) Entre Marques

    (c) Agence Web Marketing

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