10 Best Places to Kiss in Paris

Paris is famous for being the city of lovers. This is the reason why several people want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in this city. Everywhere you go, you will mostly see couples kissing. If you are in Paris and want to give your special someone a kiss, perhaps it’s time to make this one memorable. How will you do that? Find the perfect spot to give him/her a kiss.


  • 1

    Up in the Clouds

    Paris is barely more than seven stories high, in case you are not planning to go to Eifel Tower. Even though kissing him/her up there would mean that you actually have almost 2000 people around you, perhaps it’s time for you to make him/her feel special.

  • 2

    La Samaritaine

    This place has the perfect view for you to hold your special someone and give him/her a kiss. It’s advised that you go here in summers with a glass of wine which both of you can enjoy.

  • 3

    Place de Furstemberg

    You simply can’t find a spot more enchanting than place de Furstemgberg. It’s beautiful throughout the year. With the five lanterns, it is a romantic symbol of Paris.

  • 4

    Place du Marche Sainte-Catherine

    This is another romantic place for you to kiss your partner. However, it is a summer spot and it is known as Place du Marche Sainte-Catherine. During your stay at this place, you might also enjoy the card tricks performed by their staff.

  • 5

    Robert Doisneau’s

    This place is so beautiful, that you will need a cameraman to completely capture the memory. The rooftop has a beautiful background on the West side as Hotel de Ville’s grey and black tiles provide the perfect background.

  • 6

    Wall of Love

    The wall of love is designed by Frederic Baron and is considered to be one of the most beautiful places to kiss your loved one.

  • 7

    Rue Gabrielle

    Another rooftop to give your loved one a kiss. This street give you the touch of ‘country’ in the city of Paris. You might see several tourists here.

  • 8

    Under the Bridge of Seine

    While others might say that kissing him/her under the bridge of Seine is going to be beautiful, the truth is, kissing your loved one under this bridge will make things far more memorable. The beautiful plantation, flowers and the cooler temperature is going to set the perfect environment.

  • 9

    Pont Neuf

    Square du Verte Galant is your spot to kiss him/her if you are in Paris. This is a tiny green triangle with almost no people there. This is not only a great place to kiss, but also an amazing spot to relax.

  • 10

    Boulevard Saint-Germain

    The artist Eugene Delacroix lived in this boulevard and he has managed to make it so romantic and coloured it just perfectly for you to give your special someone a kiss over here.

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