Applying for Philippines Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

Philippines is a country with natural wonders, warm and engaging people and a rich colourful history. Here in Philippines tourists from France can find fusion of different cultures and arts as there are nearly hundred ethnic groups with a mixture of foreign influence as well. These things have further enhanced the beauty of the country. The hot spots among the French tourists in Philippines include country’s capital Bangkok, Boracay, Coron Island, Baguio and so many more. In addition to that the terrific beaches of this island would be a completely different experience for the residents of France. So, if these attractions have enticed you then, get a tourist visa of Philippines from Paris and hop on to the next flight to this heavenly state.


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    List of Nationals which are Exempted from Visa

    French nationals are allowed to enter into Philippines for tourism without any visa for a stay up to 21 days. To see the other nationals which do not require a visa to stay in Philippines for 21 days stay click here.

    Passport holders of Israel and Brazil do not require a visa to enter into Philippines for a stay up to 59 days.

    Holders of Hong Kong Special Administrative (SAR) passports are also exempted from visa for a stay no more than 14 days.

    Holders of the following passports also don’t need a visa of Philippines for a stay of not more than seven days.

    1. Holders of British National Overseas (BNO) passports.

    2. Holders of Portuguese Passports issued in Macao.

    3. Holders of Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) passports.

    4. All Chinese nationals (with valid and current American, Japanese, Australian, Canadian or Schengen Visa).

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    Other nationalities which do not fall in any category need to fulfil following requirements to obtain the tourist visa of the Philippines.

    a) Duly filled visa application form.

    b) Original passport and a copy of its data page.

    c) One passport style photo.

    d) Copy of fresh bank statement. Minors and students should provide Parents’ Affidavit of Support and evidence of financial support.

    e) Copy of the return ticket or reservation.

    f) Copy of titre de sejour for non-nationals of France (some restrictions may apply, call the Consular Section for verification Telephone # +33 1 44 14 57 02 / 12).

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    Visa Application Form

    You can either get the visa application form directly from the Philippines’ Embassy in Paris or click here to download it. To get the visa form or other information regarding tourist visa of Philippines speak to the Consular in

    Embassy of the Philippines in Paris.
    Address: 4 Hameau de Boulainvilliers/ 45 rue du Ranelagh 75016 Paris, France.Contact: +33 1 44 14 57 00
    Visit Embassy of the Philippines Website

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    Visa Fee

    The tourist visa fee of Philippines is €30 Euros for single entry visa and it is valid for a stay up to three months. To verify the visa fee contact Embassy of the Philippines in Paris.

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    Mode of Payment

    Visa fee is payable by cash or postal money order (all postal orders should be made payable to the order of the Philippine Embassy).

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    Check List

    It is of highest importance that all applicants should verify all the documents mentioned in Step 2 before submitting them to the Embassy of the Philippines in Paris, so they wouldn’t get a rejection.

    a) Check your visa application form.

    b) Check your passport and its photocopy.

    c) Check that your photo is passport style.

    d) Check the photocopy of your recent bank statement. Minors and students should check their parents’ affidavit of support and evidence of financial capacity.

    e) Check that you have a photocopy of the return ticket or reservation.

    f) Check the copy of titre de sejour in case of non-nationals of France.

    g) Don’t forget to buy an insurance policy before going to Philippines as it provides more security.

    h) Reputed guide book of Philippines should also be on your check list.

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    Applications and documents can be submitted by mail, but it must have a self addressed envelope with prepaid registered mail stamps. Consular section hours are from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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    Processing Time

    To find out the exact processing time period of your visa request get in touch with the authorities in Embassy of the Philippines in Paris.

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    Collect Visa

    Applications and papers that came through a self-addressed envelope with prepaid registered mail stamps will get their visas through the same service. Others should contact Embassy of the Philippines in Paris to know how they can collect their visa.

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    Things Tourists are Allowed to Carry with Them

    a) Tourists are allowed to bring their luggage with them and can put their miscellaneous items or regular usage things in them.

    b) Tourists are allowed to carry toiletries like perfumes, tooth paste and shampoos.

    c) Medicines are also allowed to carry.

    d) Cash, credit or debit cards are widely accepted in the Philippines and are also allowed for tourists to carry.

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