Purchasing Car Insurance in Paris

Car insurance in France is a Must. It is Illegal to drive a car in France without Auto insurance, so do not take this for granted. If you are caught without car insurance in France you will serve a good 6 months in prison. It might seem tricky and complicated but getting car insurance in France isn’t that hard.

We have managed to do all our research regarding car insurance policies that are available in Paris. If you want to learn how to get a car insurance in Paris, perhaps it’s time for you to follow the steps which have been mentioned below.

You simply need to have a few documents which are necessary and then you can get the car insurance that you had always wanted.


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    Finding the Best Rates

    Visit different Insurance companies to compare the rates in market right now also be vary of insurance fraud try to find insurance companies that are certified. Despite of where you want to get a quote from be certain that you have these things to make the process hinder free.

    Details of your driving license (the type of license you hold) the date you got your license on how long have you had it for, also a complete car insurance history on your name, including all the claims that you have made. How many no claim discounts you’ve received and which company can verify it. Full information including postcode and address for the property where you live.

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    Regarding Vehicle

    You will need the make and model, your car’s registration number, the value of your motor car, how many miles do you have on your car in a year, the purpose of the vehicle, and place where the car is going to be overnight. Do not lie about anything give the correct and ligament answers if your insurer finds that not all the information given by is correct you might end up with a void policy.

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    Requirements for Your Car Insurance

    Legally if your vehicle is 3 years old it must pass an MOT and have certificate verifying this. Without an MOT a car insurance certificate you will not be able to tax a vehicle, if you are driving a car without having all 3 of these documents it will be considered illegal. The (road traffic act) says that you must be insured against injury or damage caused by yourself when driving a vehicle.

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    Beware of Fronting!

    It is a common insurance offense this is where a parent adds a child to the policy as a named driver of the vehicle, but the child soon becomes the main driver.

    So meanwhile this makes the car insurance cheaper for young drivers, if the insurance company discovers this kind of a claim being, they will clearly reject the claim as the premium they quoted (and thus the risk they assessed) was not based on the owner.

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    Following are some Insurance agents who give out free quotes in Paris:

    Church Insurance Agency

    Address: 116 E Court St, Paris, IL 61944 View map
    Contact: (217) 465-4022

    Dimond Brothers Insurance - Paris

    111 Sheriff St, Paris, IL 61944 View Map
    Contact: (217) 465-5041

    Terry Elston

    Address: 309 N Main St, Paris, IL 61944 View map
    Contact: (217) 465-8548

    Rob Hackett - State Farm

    Address: 305 W Jasper St, Paris, IL 61944 View map
    Contact: (217) 465-4642

    Dan Phipps

    Address: 804 N Main Street, Paris, IL 61844 View map
    Contact: (217) 465-1020

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