Starting a Spa Business in Paris

Opening a spa in Paris can be a well bought investment if you move forward with an effective business plan. Spas basically attract more people from the middle and upper-class in Paris. It is a paradise for stay at home spouses looking to relieve their stress and pressures of their everyday life. Spas have a different business model then restaurants and retail locations so don’t mix them together in the same concept.

We have managed to do all the research on different spa businesses which are already opened in Paris. We have figured out a short-cut to opening one and the following steps are going to help you out perfectly. Simply scroll down and learn how to open a spa business in Paris.


  • 1

    Check Out the Competition

    Visit your local spas and have a look at their services that they offer in their spa menus.
    Calculate the cost of the services to the fees that those facilities are charging then you will be in a better position to make a decision on your start up cash.

  • 2

    Convincing Business Plan

    Make a list of your goals and objectives include equipments that you are going to need, supplies that you will store in order to make the business work, marketing statistics. Strategies, final projections and demographics are necessary. Put in use the research that you have conducted on your competitors and assess what you need in making your spa better.

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    Financing Your Business

    Make a brief description of what you are planning to do. You have created a business plan by assessing your competitors take that to your local bank. Fill out an application for a loan at the bank for your spa’s finance. You can also approach investors for another financing route.

  • 4

    Getting a Prominent Location

    Find a commercial property that is prominent. Your goal is to attract the attention of the people around the community. Close in on the property that you think has the potential you can get guidance from a real estate agent as well if needed. Get insurance coverage that covers everything from inside-out also add liability issues. You don’t know what might happen.

  • 5

    Getting Legal

    Hire a lawyer and go to your city council to get your business registered fill out an Application to register your business and your lawyer will handle all the paper work all you need to do is hire one and get on with building your business keep in contact with your lawyer from time to time to see how things are going.

  • 6


    Get a contractor that will handle your upgrades you will need electrical improvements and plumbing sufficient enough to power spa tubs, steam rooms and bathrooms attached to guest rooms and cottages.

  • 7

    Hiring Staff

    Prefer to hire spa experienced staff rather than hiring new inexperienced staff it is going to make your standard go low. Experienced staff with credentials: massage therapists, counselors, dietitians and an administrative staff that is well capable of generating a new born business they should run clear marketing programs handle the relations with the customers and oversee accounting duties.

  • 8

    Interior Designing

    Get an interior designer and convert those ho hum guest and common seating areas into peaceful enclaves filled out by soft colors and steaming water fountains add plants to make the atmosphere comfortable and soothe your clients.

  • 9

    Marketing Your Spa

    When you have everything ready you can put up adverts on your local newspaper to get some attention also try giving out flyers at supermarkets this will help you in the customer build up once you have people coming in, offer your new customers with complementary massages to make them come back for more. Offering discounts to your loyal customers will help them feel relaxed about their pocket issues.
    One all this is done you can enjoy your part of the financial paradise.

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