Tips for Buying a Beauty Spa in Paris

Spa is term that is associated with water treatment, also known as balneotherapy. This belief in curative power of mineral water has been started way back in the history. There are different types of spas luxury spas, beauty spas and day spas. Among this index beauty spas are quite popular, as they offer different personal care treatments. Now the popularity of this practice is has well widespread all across the globe, especially in Japan and Europe.

The affect of this popularity is also observed in the capital of France, Paris. Thus, it provides a good opportunity to the investors in the city to make an investment in this business as the returns of this venture are also very attractive. The best option for such buyers/investors is that rather starting from scratch, find a running spa business. As running businesses maintains good list customers if not excellent and new investor just has to fix up a few things (interior decoration, equipment, managerial things and etc) in order to boost its sales.

However, buying a spa business in Paris is not an easy task as there are a number of things which a buyer has to keep in his or her mind before purchasing a spa. To reduce this tension of spa buyers, here is a step by step guide that will help them buy a beauty spa in Paris.


  • 1

    Check Budget

    To buy a spa business in Paris first the buyer should check his or her budget to know how much finances they will require to start this venture.

  • 2

    Business Brokers

    Find a business broker, who would help you in finding a best deal. In exchange for this service business broker charge you some percentage in the deal. This percentage is not fixed and may vary from broker to broker.

    (a) Christie + Co

    (b) Magellan

    (c) W.Finance

  • 3

    Search Newspapers

    If buyer does not wish to hire a business broker then, second option to buy a spa business is search for ads in the newspapers. There are several newspapers in Paris which list such ads in their classified sections, so get one from your nearest newspaper stand.

    (a) Le Daily Neuvieme Website

    (b) Le Monde

    (c) Liberation

  • 4

    Search Websites that list Business for Sale

    Another option for the buyer is that he or she can also do some quick search through different websites, which list business for sale. Below is one such websites to get your search started.

    (a) Visit Business For Website

  • 5

    Criteria of Buying

    Buyers should check following things before they select a spa business for purchase.

    a) Price of the spa business should fall in buyer’s budget.

    b) In selection of a running spa business, buyer must make sure that it is giving a good return to its owner. This verification will help the buyer to project the future earnings of the spa after bearing all the expenses.

    c) Survey different websites (which list spa business for sale) or business brokers to find out what sellers are demanding for their spa business. In this way buyer would be able to determine a average price of spa business.

    d) To verify the earnings of the spa, buyer must check the accounts of the business, so he or she will be sure that the projected profit by the seller was correct or not.

    e) Business like spas depend a lot on their location so, before buying one don’t forget to check the site of the venture.

    f) Also check how much area your selected spa site has occupied.

    g) Ask vendor about the history of the spa. This will help you judge the repute of the business.

    h) Check with how much staff the current owner is running the spa. Also find out how much salary these staff members are drawing.

    i) Check the condition of equipment and furniture present in the spa.

    j) The interior decoration in a business like spa matters a lot, as today clients are very picky and go to only such places, which have maintained a their business place well.

    k) Prefer a spa business for buy that also have ample parking space.

    l) Learn from current owner which type of clients generally comes to his or her spa. So, when you take over the business these customers will still enjoy same level services which they take pleasure in earlier.

  • 6

    Business Valuators

    Once you were able to find a spa business that matches all aforementioned criteria then, find a business valuator, who will assess the actual value of it. Below are few business valuators that are offering services in Paris. You can start your search from here.

    (a) Infinancials

    (b) CMC Consulting

    (c) Nussenbaum Maurice

  • 7

    Negotiate with Seller

    When you get the actual value of the spa business from your business valuator then, make an offer or place a bid for it. Buyers of businesses should always keep one thing in their mind when they reach this stage that selling price of a business is not fixed and most sellers do negotiate. Therefore, always utilize bargain chip and make an offer in a way that seller should feel that he or she may not get a better proffer than this.

  • 8


    If the seller accepts your offer then, documentation to officially sell the spa business will take place. Since this involves legal complexities therefore, its better that a buyer should take the help of a solicitor. Below are few solicitors in Paris that handle such matters, you can add them to your search list.

    (a) Sj Berwin

    (b) Wragge & Co

    (c) BERTAGNA Avocats

  • 9


    After all the necessary documents are signed from both the parties under the supervision of a solicitor then the ownership will be transferred in the buyer’s name and he or she will take the charge of the spa business.

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