Applying for Madagascar Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

Like all other countris residents and nationals of France do not need to pay any visa charges to enter into Madagascar for a stay up to 30 days. This makes Madagascar one of the cheap tourist destinations in the world, where all such travellers can visit, who do not have a big budget to go abroad during their holidays. However, being cheap does not mean that the country is also short of attractions. The beaches of this island country are not behind in beauty from any other seashores around the globe. Other attractions in Madagascar include wildlife, wide spread forests and biodiversity. Those, who want to stay for more than 30 days in Madagascar have to apply for a 90 days visa and below is the guide that will help you get tourist visa from Paris.


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    Visas for a stay up to 30 days are free of charges. While short-term visas are issued either by the Embassy of Madagascar in France or travellers will get it directly at the airport in Madagascar upon arrival. For requests at the Embassy of Madagascar, applicants will require following documents:

    a)      A passport with minimum 6 months validity.

    b)      A visa application form duly filled out and signed.

    c)       Provide two fresh passport size photographs.

    d)      Printout from the travel agency on their letter head displaying round trip ticket with traveller’s name.

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    Visa Application Form

    Download the visa application form of Madagascar by clicking here. For additional details regarding visa fee, contact embassy of Madagascar in Paris.

    Ambassade de Madagascar

    Address: 4 Avenue Raphaël, 75016 Paris, France.
    +33 1 45 04 62 11
    Visit Ambassade de Madagascar Website

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    Visa Fee

    For a stay up to 30 days there is NO visa fee. However, if the traveller wants to stay up to 60 days visa charges will be 70 € and for 90 days stay it will be 100 €.

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    Mode of Payment

    Know about the mode of payment by getting in touch with the Embassy of Madagascar in Paris.

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    Check List

    Apart from re-checking the aforementioned documents, travellers to Madagascar should also make sure that they have bought an insurance policy before flying to island country. Also carry lots of DEET based insect repellent and consider an anti-malaria prescription program too.

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    To get visa from the Embassy of Madagascar in Paris, submit the application along with all necessary documents. In order to find out where you can submit your documents contact embassy for guidance.

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    Processing Time

    Processing time period of an application may vary so, it is best to make contact with the Embassy of Madagascar in Paris to know about the progress of your visa request.

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    Collect Visa

    Applicants, who have made the request for visas at the Embassy of Madagascar in Paris, should collect it as per the advice of the embassy.

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    Things Tourists are Allowed to Carry With Them

    Tourists are allowed to carry their luggage. Take layer clothes with you, however, clothing depends more on weather of Madagascar. Sports sandal and running shoes is a good investment to take along with you. Travellers can take toiletries and medicines with them. A small torch or flashlight with some extra batteries, cameras, first aid kit, mosquito net and last but not least sunscreen.

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