Valentine’s Day Dance Parties in Paris

Everyone has their own distinctive way of celebrating Valentine’s Day; some prefer having candle-light dinners while others prefer spending the evening at home, cooking a special meal and watching a romantic movie. However, youngsters often prefer to enjoy this day of togetherness by having a dance party at a night club or in a prearranged casual get-together, with a group of friends. Spending 14th February at a lovely dance party is also a great idea. So get ready to hit the dance floor on some thrilling and electrifying beats, or a romantic dance on a soft tune. Here is a list of the best dance parties in Paris for Valentine’s Day.


  • 1

    O'Sullivans rebel bar is an Irish pub known for having the world’s best range of beverages. Besides offering the classic tequila shot and fresh beer, the dance parties organized here deserve a visit.

  • 2

    Le Baron is another entertaining venue located in Paris. Their main goal is to provide every possible facility to make celebrations special.

  • 3

    L'Urgence Bar has a nice range of finger food in their menu along with the latest and trendiest play lists.

  • 4

    Footsie is located in Rue Daunou. They know how to give people a chance to have fun and spend their Valentine's Day amazingly.

  • 5

    Latin Corner Café definitely requires a visit on Valentine’s Day. They introduce various dance shows and serve delicious food as well.

    Latin Corner Café
  • 6

    Le Black Dog is a very friendly place to hang out. Since 2006 they are in the business and got fame and loyalty due to the high quality of music played by the DJs.

  • 7

    Flute's interior is breathtaking and you can be sure to return after your first visit. This two floor building reserves the first story for a meet-up place while drinks and a bar is on the second floor.

  • 8

    L'Art Brut is a good choice if you really intend to spend your Valentine’s Day in a place where the interior is highly inspired by the world of art. The best choice of music accompanied with some scrumptious food and beverages will definitely guarantee a great time.

  • 9

    Café Charbon will offer you their services at very reasonable prices. You will have a life time experience at their café, especially on Valentine’s Day.

  • 10

    Pop In not only organize dance parties but they are also know for hosting a variety of shows and events depending upon the occasion.

  • 11

    Crazy Horse Paris as the name tells, is a place where you will have some crazy yet thrilling moments. Crazy Horse Paris comes among those places where friends can get together and enjoy a splendid evening.

  • 12

    Le Queen is an exclusive service which will definitely blow you away. Moreover, they have special services and offers on Valentine's Day.

  • 13

    Le Lido makes sure that they organize one of the best Valentine’s Day parties. They will not only arrange dance parties and serve delicious food, but various competitions are also held in which people can win amazing prizes.

  • 14

    Le Batofar is a prominent night club of Paris. The outrageous entertaining facilities available here have earned them a massive number of customers.

  • 15

    Club 18 knows how to give the people of Paris a chance to celebrate occasions like Valentine’s Day in the best possible ways.

  • 16

    Folies Bergère knows how to give French people an opportunity to have fun in Persian style.

  • 17

    Les Quatre Vents' management can cater up to 300 people. The quality of reception and services also helps the place outshine some of the best options in Paris.

  • 18

    Back Up is a good choice if you are in the mood to impress your Valentine with some thrilling disco moves. Taking your date to the Back up club is also a good idea if you prefer the 80’s theme.

  • 19

    Rex Club has an atmosphere which is ideal for having official parties or having a get together with friends.

  • 20

    Club 79 is yet another highly famous place to hang-out with friends, especially on occasions like Valentine’s Day. The management tries their level best to make your celebration worth remembering.

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