Dome Des Invalides Paris Overview

Besides the Eiffel tower, being the most visited attraction of Paris, the Hotel des Invalides has also been a favorite tourist site. Due to its deep association with history, this antique structure has acquired immense fame among tourists and visitors. The construction of this prestigious landmark began in the era of King Henri, who passed an order to build a hospital for the retired and disabled soldiers.

After the conclusion of his rein the building was closed, but in the year 1671, son of Louis XIV ordered architect Liberal-Bruant, to re build the hospital, which was completed by ‘’Hardouin-Mansart’’ who created a dome over the building.

The initiation ceremony of the hospital was done in 1706.


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    The location of this prominent building is in the center of Paris, the 7th arrondissement. You can reach Les Invalides by foot, but to approach the venue through metro the appropriate stations as well.

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    Being one of the most admirable buildings of Paris, Église du Dôme the private chapel, was added right after the completion of the veteran’s chapel. The architecture of the monument sets the perfect example of the 16th century building style, also known as the French Baroque architecture.

    Hardouni and Mansart the architects of the huge dome, which gathers all of the attention, created a unique piece of art. This piece of jewel inspired by the Baroque Dome architecture, later on it became an inspiration for several buildings.

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    The exterior art work of the dome can never be ignored, but as we enter inside the dome the incredible work of Eglise du Dome is viewed on the roof. The magnificent paintings covering the ceiling present a sight which is truly amazing.

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    The Dome is basically the final resting place for prominent French military soldiers and the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, being one of the most famous in the history of French civilization is also laid to rest there.

    After the downfall of his rein in the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon was declared nation less by Louis XVII. The former French ruler settled in the British island Sankt Helen until he died.

    In 1861 after several negotiations, Napoleon’s dead body was brought to Les Invalides and his tomb was placed in the center of dome des Invalides.

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    The material used for his tomb is a Russian Porphyry, which is of brownish red color, while the material used for the base of his tomb is green granite brought from Vosges.

    Impressions on the tomb have been hand carved, which provides the details of the important events in his life. It includes his huge victories as well as defeats.

    The atmosphere around Napoleon’s tomb is quite peaceful and calm, although there are many tourists and visitors around.

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    In addition to Napoleon’s tomb there are numerous soldiers who are resting in peace which includes, his two brothers and Joseph and Jerome Bonapartre. The famous French military leader Ferdinand Foch who has also been laid to rest in one of the rooms, his tomb is in a form of a statue.

    The marshal general of France who was in command in the 17th century, Turenne is also resting in peace. The military engineer Vauban whose heart was only found in his remains is placed in Eglise du Dome as well.

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