The Wallace Fountains Paris Overview

Wallace Fountains are small cast-iron sculptures which are used in Paris for publically drinking water. The iconic fountains are engrained in the history of the city and considered a symbol of Paris. Due to its deep history and artistic design, Wallace Fountains around Paris are a popular attraction for tourists. Another interesting thing about Wallace Fountains is that they are usually located near historical buildings, monuments or other attractions. This article will help you explore Wallace Fountains around Paris and explain its history, exact locations, best time to visit and attractions near the Wallace fountains


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    History of Wallace Fountains

    Wallace Fountains were designed by Charles Auguste Lebourg after the Commune era in which many aqueducts were destroyed during the siege of Paris and the price of water went incredibly high. Due to this, the Wallace Fountains were designed by Charles to provide poor people of Paris with water and stop them from getting addicted to alcohol which was comparatively cheaper at that time. The Englishman Richard Wallace financed the project and that is why the fountains were named after him.

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    Exact Location

    Wallace Fountains are located at the Boulevard de Rochechouart near Hopital Lariboisiere.

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    Best time to visit Wallace Fountains

    As winters are freezing cold in Paris, the fountains do not work in winters to avoid water freeze which will imperil the internal plumbing system of Wallace Fountains. The water in the fountains run from 15 March to 15 November which is the best time for a visit.

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    Importance of Wallace Fountains

    (a) Wallace Fountains are rare point of free water in the capital of France.

    (b) The poor and homeless people in Paris get a great relief of free water.

    (c) Wallace Fountains are considered as a historic symbol of Paris to save people from getting addicted to alcohol

    (d) Wallace Fountains are a symbolic representation of the city.

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    Nearest Attraction

    Théâtre Trianon, is a Parisian theatre which was build in 1984. The theatre is famous for its sumptuous history and uniqueness. Théâtre Trianon is approximately five minutes drive away from Wallace Fountains and is located on the same Boulevard.

    Hotel Bellevue, is a 3 Star luxury hotel of Paris which is famous for its eye-catching décor, The hotel is less than 1 kilometer away from Wallace Fountains.

    Le Panorama, is a popular restaurant in Paris which is known for its great taste and comfortable environment. The restaurant is only 1 minute walking distance away from Wallace Fountains.

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