Saint Augustin Metro Station Paris Overview

Saint Augustin is a station of the Paris Metro that takes care of Line 9. The name of this metro station is set after the Saint-Augustin church and the Place Saint-Augustin. This station has a long history as it was opened way back on May 27, 1923 with the addition of the line from Trocadéro.

With the passage of time, extensions of the lines kept taking place and the network of this station kept on building. Until 2004, Saint Augustin was connected with Saint-Lazare metro station with the addition of Line 14 by a long underground passageway. With this connection Saint Augustin metro station had become one of the busiest stations in Paris.

One of the major reasons for being one of the busiest metro stations is that it is located close to different tourist attractions, museums, art galleries, hotels and restaurants. Folks, who are looking to visit or travel from Saint Augustin metro station can find close by attractions through our step by step guide.

Saint-Augustin (Paris Metro)

Address: 75008 Paris, France.


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    Hotels near Saint-Augustin (Paris Metro)

    People who are looking to stay near by Saint Augustin metro station in Paris wouldn't face any difficulty in finding a hotel close to it. Below are few close by hotels, which you can add to your search list.

    (a) Pavillon St Augustin

    (b) Cercle National des Armes de Terre

    (c) Hotel Oceanic

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    Museums near Saint-Augustin (Paris Metro)

    People interested in history or historic items would be happy to learn that there are several museums near the Saint Augustin metro station.

    (a) Petit Palais

    (b) Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume

    (c) Bibliothèque-Musée de l'Opéra National de Paris

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    Art Galleries near Saint-Augustin (Paris Metro)

    Close by area of Saint Augustin not have museums, but also have art galleries which maintains some very fine collections of the art.

    (a) Galerie Jean-Paul Villain

    (b) Galerie Nicolas Plescoff

    (c) Everarts

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    Attractions near Saint-Augustin (Paris Metro)

    What makes Saint Augustin metro station so special is that it is also quite close to some popular sites and monuments, which are famous among the tourists, especially.

    (a) Colonne de Vendôme

    (b) Champs Elysees

    (c) Luxor Obelisk

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    Restaurants near Saint-Augustin (Paris Metro)

    Those who always remain in search of food or an eating place, wouldn't be upset with the area close by Saint Augustin. As, there are some decent restaurants close to this station.

    (a) Café Michel Angelo

    (b) Bistrot du Sommelier Paris

    Le Sarladais

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