Best Music Shops in Paris

It is said that music knows no boundaries, while touching hearts and souls of many across the globe. You can be an Indian who soothes his listeners in Paris with the tunes of his Sitar, or a rock band enthralling the crowd in Dubai with the beats of drums and guitars. Considering the craze with which music has engulfed the world, many people have resorted to playing different instruments out of sheer passion. This has resulted in music shops that have opened their doors, making buying music CDs, DVDs and music instruments, easy and accessible. Paris is another of many cities that have music-lovers in abundance. If you are in Paris and are looking for music shops in the city, this article will list down some for you.


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    Lucky Records is an online store that has a large collection of music tracks for sale. Starting from Lady Gaga to Madonna, they have it all!

    music shops in paris
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    Fnac Saint Lazare does not only have music CD’s available for sale but they also boast of a large collection of movies in different categories.

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  • 3

    Music Please Record shop is a music equipment selling shop that provides 1 month warranty with each sale.

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    Illogicall-music houses music of French as well as international musicians, offering a large variety to choose from.

    music shops in paris
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    Zic & Bul is another music store that is situated in the heart of Paris and houses music products.

    music shops in paris
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    Naïve has music ranging from Jazz to Classical, pop to hip-hop, catering to all genres and taste.

    music shops in paris
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    Music Instruments Marnew sells high quality music instruments at affordable prices.

    music shops paris
  • 8

    Arioso provides music related literature that students, professionals and musicians alike can avail.

    music shops in paris
  • 9

    CROCODISC possesses a huge compilation of music CDs. There’s something for everyone there!

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    Music Avenue Paris has an online presence through which music collection from Rock to Hip Hop and Jazz is sold at competitive prices.

    music shops in paris

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