How to Apply to Vet School

If you have interest in the medical field and love animals then becoming a veterinary doctor is the best option for you. There is no doubt in that you will have to undergo a tough and extensive educational procedure but ultimately this hard work will pay off.

Remember, veterinarian schools are always less in number as compared to other medical institutes so you must know how and when to apply. There are also some other things that should be remembered while trying to capture a seat in vet school.


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    Get an undergraduate degree:

    To get admission in a veterinarian school, you must possess an undergraduate four-year degree. Remember, you must have covered subjects like Biology, Zoology and Chemistry in your graduation as these subjects will help you in the admission process.

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    Make a list of schools:

    You should start by doing some research about the vet schools in your country. Make a list of all the schools and then shortlist by keeping your interest and their degree programmes in mind. You should also consider their admission requirements. Moreover, you should ask some seniors about the reputation and quality of education  in these institutes.

  • 3

    Evaluate the set of courses:

    Next thing you should do is to evaluate their curriculum. While doing this, you should know which direction you want to go. Know your aims and then start checking their set of veterinarian courses. However, you must know that every institute has its own set of courses so you cannot get everything you want. In such situations, try to get the best combination of courses.

  • 4

    Work in a veterinarian hospital:

    Another thing you must remember is to attach a work experience certificate with your application. You should have a minimum work experience of 180 hours to make your case strong.

  • 5

    Clear admission test:

    Almost every veterinary school requires you to clear an admission test which is called Veterinary College Admission Test (VCAT). You may have to clear Graduate Record Examination (GRE) also to get admission in the vet school. Make sure that your grades are high otherwise your application will not be accepted.

  • 6

    Submit your application:

    Last but not the least, get an admission form and fill it out. Provide all the necessary information, attach the required documents and then submit it along with fees of your desired school.

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